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93-year-old grandma goes viral with video reacting to her ex dying – and everyone’s saying the same thing

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A 93-year-old grandma from Shelton, Connecticut has gone viral after posting a video where she reacted to the death of one of her ex-boyfriends.

As per reports, Lillian Droniak has made a name for herself online after creating a TikTok account with the help of her grandson in November 2019.

The pair began making videos for a YouTube channel ten years ago, before going on to create a TikTok account to feature in one of their YouTube projects.

As fate would have it, however, Lillian’s content on TikTok proved immensely popular, and she’s shot to relative fame on the platform.

As a result, it’s hardly a surprise that a recent video wherein she reacted to the death of an ex-boyfriend named Bruce has taken the internet by storm.

The post in question saw Lillian getting ready to visit Bruce’s grave, along with the caption: “Happy birthday Bruce I hope you’re slaying in peace.”

Credit / grandma_droniak

The video sees Lillian applying makeup and getting dressed prior to heading to the cemetery, flowers in hand.

“Get ready with me to visit my ex’s grave,” she says in the video.

“Today’s his birthday and I want to drop off some flowers! Of course he was a water sign… but sometimes I do miss him. He was a good kisser!

Credit / grandma_droniak

“Can’t forget the blush! I slay while he lays. He loved this colour.

“He cried like a baby when I dumped him… So I’m going to wear baby earrings. Look how cute they are!”

Credit / grandma_droniak

Lillian later added: “I’m bringing him fake flowers, so they don’t die like him.”

The video soon cuts to a shot of Lillian walking through the cemetery. “I made it to the cemetery. Happy birthday Bruce!” the 93-year-old can be heard saying.

As stated, Lillian’s clip proved a roaring success on TikTok, racking up an incredible 16.7 million views and receiving 1.8 million likes.

“Grandma Droniak I wanna slay like you when I get older,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Slay grandma slay every day.”


happy birthday bruce i hope youre slaying in peace

♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

I can only hope I have the same verve and sense of humor as Lillian when I’m her age.

Did you find her video funny? Let us know in the comments box.


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