93-Year-Old Woman Nails Win in Fight to Keep Home from Developers and Gets a Tyler Perry Boost (Exclusive)

“I just want peace and quiet around me and to preserve my property as a sanctuary for my family and for the future family,” Wright said about the home, which has been in her family since the Civil War

josephine Wright just wants peace — and she’s hopefully a little closer to achieving that.

The 93-year-old Hilton Head Island resident has been embroiled in a heated battle with developers who say her property, which has been in her family since the Civil War, is encroaching on their 147-unit residential development.

“The town has stopped the process of the building for now. We’re still at an impasse with Bailey Point,” she told The Messenger exclusively. So for now, “everything is going well.”

Bailey Point Investment, the company in question, sued Wright in February, alleging that her property’s placement has “significantly delayed and hindered” the building’s progress, according to the filing — however Wright’s supporters and independent surveys of Wright’s property counter that the home is within its proper limits.

Wright says the suit is a way to intimidate her into selling her home to the developers, but she’s vowed to fight to stay.

Wright alleged to news station WSAV that when she declined offers from Bailey Point to sell, she was subjected to harassment. Now, she says, with her case gaining national attention and celebrity support, she hasn’t had any more problems of that kind. The attention has also helped the family get some much-needed financial support.

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Charise Graves, Wright’s granddaughter, set up a GoFundMe to support her grandmother’s legal battle, which has raised $267,806 of its $350,000 goal at time of publication.

Graves said the funds are to “cover the cost of her attorneys, cover any property taxes, and construct a fence to create a barrier between Grandma’s property and the new development.”

One notable person willing to help is Tyler Perry, who posted a clip of a news interview with Wright to his Instagram and offered his support: “Please tell [me] where to show up and what you need to help you fight.”

Tyler Perry and Josephine Wright

Wright told The Messenger that she’s been in contact with Perry. “He has been very responsive and we’ve been in conversation,” she said over the phone. Wright is still considering other ways that Perry could be of help.

“I haven’t gotten into that with him yet,” she said, “But I’m very sure there is a possibility that he will be helpful in some form.”

Wright’s GoFundMe has also received major donations from some famous faces, like Kyrie Irving.

Adds Wright: “I just want peace and quiet around me and to preserve my property as a sanctuary for my family and for the future family.”

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