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Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown Fights Jailbird for Billy Brown’s Money

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown continues her Washington court battle over her late husband Billy Brown’s estate against a man in Federal prison.

Ami has reportedly decided to file an appeal against the judge’s decision on the $500,000 lawsuit. Her plea will be presented to overturn the judge’s decision on May 12.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown Forced to Fight Billy Brown’s Past

It has been a long and costly battle for Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy Brown’s widow Ami Brown. Ami initially hoped the lawsuit against Billy would have been over.

However, Ami’s previous attempt to file a motion to dismiss the case due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction was unsuccessful. So, this leaves Ami with no other choice at the moment but to file an appeal.

The Discovery star of Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown, passed away at age 68 in February of 2021 after suffering a seizure.


In May, the family was hit with a lawsuit. Dr. Robert Maughon sued the estate and Brown’s Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions for an alleged contract breach. Maughon claims he signed a contract with Billy in January 2009. He alleges he also invested $20,000.

Maughon states that Mr. Brown was to pay him 10 percent of income from the publication of sales and books written by Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy Brown and his publishing company.

He alleges that the payments were supposed to come over a decade of the original contract date. However, Maughon states he never saw the money.

Brown Estate Worth Considerably Less

Dr. Maughon also claims that there was a second contract agreement from late January 2009. He claims with this contract, he invested $10,000 and was to receive a 10 percent cut of all Alaskan Wilderness Family Productions earnings for the rest of his life.

Again, he alleges never receiving any money towards the lifetime contract agreement. He now feels he deserves $500,000, alleging Billy Brown was earning $500,000 per episode of Alaskan Bush People.

Of interest is that the Gatlinburg doctor was in court for another reason. He was convicted in a federal court of an “allergy drop scam”, misbilling insurance, and over-prescribing opiates.

The healthcare fraud conviction sent him to federal prison in Nashville for five years. His release is slated for 2023.

He was originally indicted on 45 counts of healthcare fraud by a grand jury then headed to court where he was convicted. He entered two plea bargains, then retracted them.

The medical board censured Maughon and fined him. He surrendered his license to practice medicine as part of the agreement. Will any of this come out in the probate case?

Ami Reveals Billy Did Not Leave a Valid Will

Ami Brown requested in 2021 to become Brown’s personal estate representative because her husband left no valid will. Brown’s widow reveals that Billy’s estate value currently lists $412,000 after medical expenses.

So far, Brown’s widow Ami has not spoken out about the lawsuit, nor has she yet to appear in court. Since the Alaskan Bush People star’s passing, Ami Brown has been keeping a low public profile. Many fans feel that Ami is taking Billy’s sudden death very hard.

However, Dr. Maughon stood his ground in court. Ami Brown may have no other choice but to appear to speak on her late husband behalf. It may be several weeks or months before the judge decides on a final verdict in the lawsuit.

Fans believe that Billy’s death is taking a toll on the family. They feel that Ami is dealing with a lot of stress. Fans also fear the pressure may seriously negatively affect Alaskan Bush People‘s Ami Brown’s health.

The big question is whether the doctor’s conviction and prison term for fraud might help their case. Do you believe the doctor’s claims against the Billy Brown estate are legitimate? Can the Brown family pay Billy’s debts?

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