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Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Shares New Health Update With Fans!


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However, the doctors told Bird that she had endometriosis. But she was happy to know that she was almost cancer-free. However, the other tests will take a week or two. So, she’s still worried about the upcoming results.

Alaskan Bush People Fans were happy to hear the news and showered so much love in the comment section. One fan wrote, “Bird gave a health update.” Meanwhile, the other stated, “So happy to hear all is good. Take good care of yourself Bird.”

Alaskan Bush People: Bird Shares The Reason For Her Recent Hospitalization!

Alaskan Bush People personality Bird Brown has been making headlines for her health issues for a long time. Well, the reality TV star began living a healthy life after she underwent the surgery last year. However, the doctors have advised her to keep her health in check to avoid any relapse.

Recently, Bird Brown was hospitalized again for a test called “Diagnostic Laparoscopy.” The Discovery star shared a clip with her sister, Rain. In it, she informed her fans they had returned from Seattle. She revealed about the tests in front of her followers and looked happy and healthy.



Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Bird Brown (@snowbird907brown) chia sẻ

Also, Bird was glad to be able to walk on her own. Finally, the reality TV celeb took a sigh of relief to be out of bed. Also, her sister Rain Brown revealed that her sister was doing much better since then

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