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Alaskan Bush People: From Fame To Shame! Matt Brown Lives A Lonely Life In Washington Woods

Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown hasn’t been featured on the popular family show for years. This is because he is leading an unaccompanied life too far from the headlines. Matt was known for his adventurous spirit, inventive skills, and generous personality. He was once a familiar face on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality series.

Behind the scenes, Matt was struggling with substance abuse and sex scandals. This ultimately forced him to leave the Alaskan Bush People. Since then, he has lived isolated in a secluded cabin in Loomis, Washington. With a new season in front of the door, fans are curious about the star’s solitary preference and want to witness his whereabouts in his current lifestyle.

Alaskan Bush People: Closer Look At Matt Brown’s Isolated Life In Washington Woods

Matt Brown shocked everyone when he left Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People and his family in 2018. The celebrity who struggled with substance abuse and rape accusations decided to start a different solitary life in Loomis. With 101 residents, the place is a small secluded town in Washington. He managed to get a job as a branch manager at a farm and moved into a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere.



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Matt’s new home is far from luxurious. It is designed to serve his basic needs, as per ScreenRant. The cabin doesn’t have any electricity or running water. He uses a wood stove to cook and heat the temperature and a generator to charge electronic essentials. The 40-year-old keeps himself busy and healthy through various activities, which include reading, hiking, and meditating. Matt also possesses a hobby of gardening and camps overnight on Chopaka Mountain to enjoy nature. The Alaskan Bush People celebrity rarely posts on his social media, where he updates his fans about sobriety and a positive attitude.

Alaskan Bush People: The Shocking Reason Why Matt Is Living A Lonely Life

Famous reality TV star Matt Brown’s name is always held high among his followers for his great personality and impressive skills. But the situation turned down suddenly when he left the show and started making headlines for his bizarre activities. According to his viewers, Matt’s downfall began when he started drinking. Soon he found himself out of control and faced legal troubles. In 2016, Juneau arrested him for Drinking & Driving charges after a night of partying, reported by RadarOnline. Later he checked into rehab, and it looked like he fully recovered.


However, his addiction relapsed, and he was again admitted into rehab. Meanwhile, he was also accused of sexual assault by two woman’s but the D.A. declined to prosecute. Matt Brown then decided to leave the show and his family. Since he moved to Washington, and is living a far-flung life. His scandal tarnished his reputation as a star, and he lost all his fame and fortune. He disappointed his fans, too, who had admired Matt for so long. The only option left for the celebrity is to hope that the situation will change sooner and that he will be back in the next season. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all Alaskan Bush People updates.

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