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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Is Gabe Brown’s Family Hiding Kids?

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Gabe Brown and his wife, Raquell Rose have children but they keep them private so how many grandchildren are there in the family and are they hiding some? ABP fans had some questions about that when Raiven Brown shared a photo on her social media.

Gabe Brown & Raquel Have Two Children

Raquell Rose welcomed her first daughter, Sophie in 2019 and Discovery Channel fans saw the baby on the show. However, Raquell, who was introduced to her husband by Rain left ABP. Additionally, she pretty much left everywhere, including her social media accounts. That came after she posted that she wanted privacy and she’d birthed another child. No announcement was made about the baby’s name or gender, but apparently, her name is Winifred. So, that accounts for two of Ami’s grandchildren. Well, Raiven just confirmed that the couple raises girls.

Like Gabe Brown, Bear and Raiven also have two children now. However, they are both boys. River became a big brother to Cove. Previously, she lost a baby in a miscarriage, and her pregnancy with Cove wasn’t easy. So, it might be that they reached the limit with their second child. That accounts for four grandchildren. However, Ami speaks about eight grandchildren. So, who’s kids are they? Well, Noah also has children.

ABP Gabe Brown & Noah Have Mulitple Children

Like his brothers, Noah and his wife Rhain also have children and Elijah “Eli” Brown was the first to arrive and make Ami and Billy grandparents. Later, he was followed by a male sibling named Adam. So, now that makes for six grandchildren in the family. In a post shared by Raiven on Instagram recently, a fan asked, “Ami says she is a gma of 8 so does that mean that Gabe now has 4 children?”

ABP Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown Raiven Brown Discovery Channel Instagram

Raiven didn’t answer with specifics about the kids produced by Gabe Brown. In her comment, she said, “He is a girl dad but I can’t share anything else.” Of course, with Raquell desiring her privacy, that seems understandable. Does that mean they produced two more kids? Then again, did Bam Bam maybe have children?

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Alaskan Bush People Cast Hiding Kids?

Bam Bam, seems to be estranged from Gabe Brown and the rest of the family. You might recall that left the show when he dated field producer, Allison Kagan. Since then, fans didn’t see much of him at all. Apparently, Billy and Amy didn’t get on with her. According to TV Star Bio, this month, “The couple yet not have a kid, and Bam Bam has left the show to live with his girlfriend in the city.”


Discovery Channel ABP Alaskan Bush People Gabe Hiding Kids Raiven Brown Instagram

That leaves Matt, Bird, and Rain. As far as we know, Bird doesn’t have a child and she wants children in the future, as revealed in the last season of the show when she had her cancer scare. Meanwhile, Rain, the youngest seems to still be single. Matt was in a relationship, but the woman already had two children from another marriage. They split and as far as anyone can tell, he still remains estranged from his family and spends a lot of time alone in the mountains.

What do you think of Gabe and Raquell Rose keeping their kids private? Do you think that the family hides two grandchildren? Notably, Raiven didn’t deny that Ami has eight of them. Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People news.


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