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Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Joins Cameo

Alaskan Bush People fans see that the entire family seems to be expanding their presence on social media. Some folks think that they might be struggling financially. But perhaps, they are just amping up the ability to relate to their Discovery fans. This week, the news arrived that Ami Brown has now signed up for Cameo.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown Needs Money?

Discovery Channel fans were shocked to learn that Ami Brown might have gotten herself into a financial predicament. The news arose when it was announced that a $500,000 lawsuit had been filed by Robert Maughan against Billy’s estate. Allegedly, he patriarch’s failed to pay him the profits he earned from the show. Apparently, they eventually agreed on a settlement meeting in March, but it’s not clear if it left Ami out of pocket. Naturally, fans assume that she and her family now use social media to cover any losses.

Alaskan Bush People star Bear, told his fans in March, that his mom had signed up for Instagram. Actually, it is possible for people with lots of followers to make an income from the platform. Meanwhile, he and his siblings are on Cameo, and some of them use TikTok., Historically, they were not all that active on social media. Now, the news arrived that Ami just joined Cameo as well.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Announces Ami Brown’s Cameo

On April 25, Bear took to his Instagram and said, “Hey guys, I had some news to share today! But I got awesome-er news that I’m gonna share instead!!!!” Then he talked about his mom and said that he finally convinced her to start her own “Cameo” account. Apparently, he sold her the idea when he told her “just how much fun it was!” Anyway, she agreed, and her son seems to be delighted.

Alaskan Bush People Ami Brown Joins Cameo

The Alaskan Bush People’ mom responded in the comments of Bear’s post. Actually, she did seem quite excited. She wrote, “Hello all! Thank you all for your kind words, and the love that you share! Keep shining your lights, and doing so, helps, to make the world a brighter place!” Speaking about her Cameo, she added, “Happy Birthday to all of the birthdays to come, good luck on the surgeries, Happy Early Mothers’ Day.” Next, she thanked her fans for their supoort.

Where To Find Ami Botrwn On Cameo

The Alaskan Bush People star charges $30 for a personalized video and $270 for a business vid. If you just want a text message, she charges $3. You can find her on Cameo ON THIS LINK HERE.

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