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Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown Was STABBED, Hospitalized Due To Injury!

Bear Brown loves to have adventures in his life and calls himself “the king of extreme.” The Alaskan Bush People star often shares snaps and clips documenting his bizarre activities. There have been several instances when fans asked him to take safety measures, or else he would end up hurting himself. But it seems that Bear is obsessed with “extremes”. He wants to try everything, even if it is a life-threatening act. In a recent instance, the same happened when he ended up “stabbing” himself in a new adventure. The star had to struggle in a life-and-death situation in a hospital. Is Bear fine now? Why did he stab himself?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Lands In A Hospital After Stabbing Himself

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown often shares his “adventures” on his social media, raising concerns among his fans. Evidently, several of his acts seem to be a bit “dangerous,” and viewers have often asked him to be careful. However, the star recently made it to the headlines when he shared a picture of him being in a hospital. Bear’s followers were shocked to note that he had a medical band on his wrist. He didn’t bother to reveal anything and captioned it, “Oops!”


Bear returned after a day to explain why he landed in a hospital. He talked about how he was working on “hauling hay” and was undoing “old barbed wire.” Amid this, the TLC star ended up “accidentally” stabbing himself! Apparently, the wound was a bit deep, and the barbed wire was a bit “rusted,” so he had to go to the emergency room. However, Bear was fine now and got a tetanus shot as well. Fans finally took a sigh of relief after the star confirmed that he was doing well now and nothing serious had happened to him. Many users hoped for his speedy recovery and asked him to be a bit “careful” from now on.

Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown’s Real Name Solomon?

Several Alaskan Bush People fans had an “Oops!” moment because of Bear Brown’s recent post. The picture featured him sitting on a hospital bed while he wore a medical band on his wrist. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the band stated “Solomon Brown” and not “Bear Brown.” Hence, they took to the comment section and asked about the same. Many regular watchers of the show came to Bear’s rescue and explained that Solomon is Bear’s original name.


Bear’s actual name is Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown. This information has been a part of the show, and regular watchers are aware of it. “Bear” is just the star’s nickname. Evidently, he uses Solomon as his official name, and all his documents mention the same. No wonder why the hospital authorities gave him a band with the title of “Solomon Brown.” It was shocking for regular watchers that a lot of fans were unaware of this fact. Were you aware of Bear’s real name? Do let us know in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoil

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