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Ava Unwillingly Officially Becomes A Drug Lord

Ava Vitali and Stefan Dimera are now peddlers.

ava vitali and stefan dimera got a special delivery on days of our lives recap for wednesday, december 13, 2023.Ava Vitali and Stefan Dimera on DAYS.

In the Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday, December 13, 2023, a special delivery kickstarted Ava and Stefan’s new, wholly illegal careers. Neither one of them was particularly pleased.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Chad and Everett failed to make peace, and Jada and Stephanie were overserved at the Brady Pub. Meanwhile, Brady decided to take it easy on his teen, and Theresa and Alex found out they had more in common than they originally thought. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

The Hits Just Keep Coming

Already on pins and needles with the reopening of The Bistro at hand, the last thing that Ava (Tamara Braun) needed was bad news from Stefan (Brandon Brash). Unfortunately, that’s all he had on hand. According to their boss, they were to start moving the illicit products out of the back of the restaurant.

Never mind that Ava’s cop boyfriend would be on the premises at all hours. Who cares about the potential PR crisis that would emerge after the “CEO Caught Up In Massive Drug Operation” breaks? Don’t look at those addicts hanging around the alley. And, as for anyone dying…oh well.

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“This,” bellowed Stefan, “This is why Clyde has to die.” Ava could but agree. But first, a convo about how it was tough to work so closely with Stefan because he looked just like Jake…because that’s productive. In the end, Ava agreed to try and stop slipping up and calling Stefan by his dead twin’s name. He resolved to be the soulless jerk needed to rid them of Clyde (James Read). While they worked on that, they also had to figure out what to do with their first shipment of drugs.

Not So Dynamic Duo

Over at The Spectator, Chad (Billy Flynn) made it known that he intended to be very hands-on with his new acquisition. Very hands-on. Everett (Blake Berris) can like it or lump it.

Talk soon turned to Chad and Stephanie’s (Abigail Klein) split and Everett admitted that he was sorry he wasn’t sorry. Mr. Lynch also insisted to Chad that he had his number. Chad may think that he can lean on Everett and force him to disappear, but that won’t be happening.

With that granted, Everett hoped that the two of them could work together in a civil fashion. By that, he meant barely tolerating one another but generally being most polite. Before Chad could answer, Thomas phoned to complain that there was no money in his lunchbox account. Oops. That was something Stephanie had been seeing to in lieu of the boy’s father.

Swifty sweeping the fact that he was slipping as a parent under the rug, Chad demanded that Everett find a new desk. He wanted the one his Editor-in-chief took for himself.

Five O’Clock Somewhere

Meanwhile, Jada (Elia Cantu) joined an already tipsy Stephanie (Abigail Klein) for some day drinking and a discussion about the perils of living with men. What is up with them and socks? Chad used to leave his in the most awkward of places. Like behind the toilet. GROSS! Jada’s ex, on the other hand, used to walk around with one sock and claim he didn’t know where the match had gotten to.

Oh yes, Jada’s ex, who just so happens to be Stephanie’s ex. That truth was very nearly outed, but before Jada could share a picture of her and Everett together, Harris (Steve Burton) interrupted them. Soon, he was recruited into their merriment and had to explain how he is with sex *ahem* socks. (Find out more about Jada and Everett’s past here.)

Better Days

Another day, another argument between Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa (Emily O’Brien) with Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) as an unwilling witness. This time the battle was over Theresa’s failure to provide Brady with documents necessary to get Tate reenrolled in boarding school.

Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) eventually appeared on the scene to tell Brady he was in the wrong. Alex then whisked Theresa away to the Christmas tree farm. While the couple scoured the lot, Brady and Tate went for a meal and a chat.

Brady admitted that, given his own teenhood, perhaps he’d been too hard on Tate. After all, he was a real jerk to Marlena (Deidre Hall), of all people, and all Tate managed was $50,000 in damage to a school. Also, Tate was right, Brady hadn’t even asked him whether or not he wanted to go back to boarding school. Might Holly (Ashley Puzemis) be a reason he wanted to stick around Salem?

Tate admitted that, yes, that might be the case. But, she was ghosting him since agreeing to go out on a date. Upon hearing that, Brady threw down his gold card and insisted his son treat himself and Holly too.

Opposite, Alex and Theresa decorated their new tree with the thing that he had on hand: popcorn. The two reminisced about Christmases of old. Theresa confessed her life was something out of a fairytale…but only after her mother got her multiple personality disorder under control and remarried Shane for the third time.

Alex’s childhood wasn’t as eventful, but both copped to feeling like black sheep in their family. When Alex got weepy over Justin (Wally Kurth) not being his real dad, Theresa, who knew that he very much is, initiated sex. That always makes Alex feel better.

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