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Days of Our Lives Preview: Family Comes Home to Salem to Say Goodbye to Victor — and Then There’s [Spoiler]!

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In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of  September 4 – 8, prepare to say goodbye to Victor. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week, Philip Kiriakis returned to Salem, even though Kate wanted him to stay away given the fact Brady was framed for his “murder.” However, he had to be there for his father’s funeral. He wasn’t alone, as Brady’s ex Theresa Donovan also returned to town. Then there was guest star Dick Van Dyke, who turned up in Salem on a mission, so he claimed, but had no memory of who he was. Marlena set out to help him unlock his identity.

This week, Bo and Billie’s daughter Chelsea is back, and as she states, “A world without Victor Kiriakis just doesn’t seem right.” Justin and Adrienn’s son Sonny is back too. Justin sobs that he’s going to miss his dear, Uncle Vic.

However, an unexpected, unwelcome individual crashes the memorial, Vivian Alamain! Kate demands to know what she’s doing there, and Vivian claims she’s come to be adieu to the love of her life. Maggie rolls her eyes! We can’t help but think Vivian’s beloved Stefan also has something to do with her return!

Plus, Dick Van Dyke performs a little song and dance with Julie. But it’s the flashes of a long-ago war and two soldiers in the trenches, that lead Marlena to begin to put together the solutions to the puzzle. Dick exclaims, “You know who I am?” Do you have a guess as to who he is?

Read the Days of Our Lives spoilers to find out which of Victor’s relatives comes to blows.

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