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Days of Our Lives: Sloan Loses Baby, Eric and Sloan’s Relationship Crashes

In the torrid world of Days of Our Lives, drama is ever only a split second away. And the fates and fortunes of the characters change at a pace far more rapid than a hormonal teenagers mood! Previously, on the Peacock drama Sloan was sliding down rainbows thinking all her trickery and scheming have finally landed in her lap all that she was vying for. But when has life ever been that simple? In a cruel twist of fate, Sloan loses everything in one go. All that remains is her relationship with Eric. Or does it? Keep reading to find out!

Sloan Suffers A Miscarriage

The one thing that Eric has been wanting, wishing and praying for with all his heart on Days of Our Lives is to be a dad. When Sloan told him that she is pregnant with his baby, he felt like all his dreams were about to come true. But life can be really cruel sometimes. Recently, Sloan decided to come clean to Eric about all the secrets she had been keeping from him regarding Nicole’s baby’s paternity. However, before she could get any details out, she started experiencing unbearable stomach cramps.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Sloan and Eric lose their baby

Worried, Sloan and Eric rushed straight to the hospital to get Sloan checked on Days of Our Lives. And that’s when their whole reality began to shift towards certain darkness. Upon administering an ultra sound, Kayla regretfully told Eric the heartbreaking news of Sloan’s miscarriage. As shattered as Eric will be after getting this update, we are sure he will do his best to support Sloan. After all, she has lost a part of herself and that’s not an easy loss to handle. She will certainly need her partner’s emotional support. However, some spoilers indicate that this relationship and current circumstances might get all the more complicated when an ugly truth rears its head.

Eric Finds Out The DNA Switch, Dumps Sloan on Days Of Our Lives

It is no secret that Sloan and Eric’s relationship on Days of Our Lives started as a series of easy hookups. And quite honestly, emotional investment wise, Eric has not moved much further than the beginning. The only reason he proposed Sloan was because she got pregnant and we all know how badly Eric wants a baby.

As for his heart and emotions, well, they still remain with Nicole. Interestingly, that is also where his baby is! In Nicole’s belly! Unfortunately, as of now, he believes it to be EJ’s. Thanks to Sloan! But that secret is about to leap out of the bag, as Sloan has already set the wheels in motion.


DOOL/ Will Eric dump Sloan?

Previously, on Days of Our Lives, Sloan confided in Melinda what she had done with Eric’s DNA and EJ’s reports. It didn’t take Melinda too long to figure that Eric is actually the real bio-dad of Nicole’s baby. In fact, recently she tried to blackmail Sloan into doing her bidding, by holding the secret above her head. Thus, we have a feeling that Melinda won’t sit on that intel for too long. One way or the other that tea is getting spilled. But how will Eric react to that? There is no way he would forgive Sloan for cheating hi like that! Moreover, now that there is no baby to tether him to Sloan. We sense a breakup building between the two! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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