EastEnders: New Character Coming In, A Family Reunion Is COMING UP

BBC One’s EastEnders is riding high with some really shock revelations and unexpected twists these days. Honestly speaking, we were not expecting the truth about Ravi being Ranveer’s murderer to spill out the way it did. But it has really opened the floodgates for a thrilling revenge track between him and Suki Panesar. Thus, catapulting Ravi to one of the top spots as a valid contender to be the Christmas murder victim! But that’s not all!

The latest EastEnders spoilers reveal that yet another shocking reveal awaits Ravi in the upcoming episodes. Ravi Gulati’s jaw will hit the floor when his ex- girlfriend Priya returns to Walford this autumn. Because this time around she won’t be meeting Ravi alone. But with his secret daughter! Yup! Ravi is all set to come face-to-face with a daughter he never had! Long time viewers would remember that he and Priya that not break up under very good circumstances.

EE/ Ravi gets the shock of his life

In fact, ever since their split on EastEnders, Ravi has kept Nugget as far from Priya as possible! But what he did not know was the fact that Priya too, has been keeping a child away from him. Their daughter Avani! Post their split, Priya refrained from telling Ravi that she is pregnant with his child. Therefore, he missed out on the opportunity of seeing his daughter grow up. And now, when he learns the truth, it will throw his world for a toss!

New Trouble Coming In On EastEnders!

Sophie Khan Levy is slated to portray Priya. Meanwhile, Aaliyah James will play the role of Avani on EastEnders. Speaking to the media about her upcoming stint on the BBC One soap, Sophie admitted that she has grown up watching EastEnders. “I’m super excited to be joining the show, and I can’t wait to see what trouble Priya gets herself into,” she gushed! Rising star Aaliyah too, took the opportunity to share her excitement with the media about her debut. “To be given this opportunity as my official debut to screen is a true blessing,” she enthused.

EE/ Priya and Avani

Furthermore, EastEnders show runner Chris Clenshaw promised that Priya and Avani’s arrival at Walford will bring in a lot of drama! And honestly we are thrilled by the idea! What about you? Tell us in the comments! Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Avani and Priya’s storylines!

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