EastEnders: Theo’s Ultimate Fate Revealed

Ever since Theo Hawthorne entered EastEnders, he landed on the bad side of the viewers. Initially, it felt like he had his ill-intentions set on Lily. However, that wasn’t the case. In reality, he had been obsessing over Stacey Slater. Now, his obsessions with Lily’s mother have taken an all new life. With his secret out in the open, one would expect him to run in the other direction. But nope! Theo is far too brazen for that. Instead, he has upped his game to an all new level! Keep reading to find out what he does next and if his end is anywhere near on this horizon!

Theo Makes A Nasty New Move

All this while, Stacey had been living in terror of his stalker on EastEnders. Especially when she realized that the man had broken into her home. However, after she found out the truth about Theo being the culprit and coming face-to-face with him. She eventually unleashed her fierce side. Actress Lacey Turner recently told the media that a turning point is coming in her character’s story. “Stacey finds fire in her belly to be angry and decides she is not going to be a victim.” She pointed.

EE/ Stacey decides to stand up to Theo

We recently saw Theo move into the house next door to Stacey on EastEnders. Thus, proving that he has no intentions what so ever of backing out of her life. Well, at least not until he is forced out. In fact, he is about to pull a really dirty stunt to make Stacey’s life all the more miserable on EastEnders. Lacey states that Stacey has no regret over the cam work she has done on the soap. She did what she had to do for her family. However, Theo is trying to take advantage of it and use it against her. Which has now enraged Stacey towards him.

The End Is Near For Theo On EastEnders

The latest EastEnders spoilers tease that Theo will send some raunchy pictures of Stacey to Billy Mitchell. However, he will make it look like they came directly from her. Perhaps in an attempt to humiliate her in public. But Stacey’s ex-husband, Martin Fowler, will immediately figure out that theo is responsible for it. Thus, he will confront Theo over the vile act. Lacey teases to the media that the end is inching closer for Theo. Initially, it will appear that he is gone, but he will return again.

EE/ Martin confronts Theo

However, when he returns, a lot more people will get involve din the track on EastEnders. Which will ultimately lead to a permanent end to Theo’s sinister activities towards Stacey and her family. Although she refrained from adding what exactly his end storyline be. But we will report back to you as soon as we find out! So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Theo’s ultimate fate.

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