Johnny Hardwick, who voiced Dale in ‘KING OF THE HILL,’ has reportedly died at the age of 59. 🕊️

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Tragic breaking news for King Of The Hill fans as Johnny Hardwick, the voice of Dale Gribble, was found dead. Has any information about the voice actor’s cause of death been released just yet? Moreover, where was he found dead? Keep reading for the details.

King Of The Hill Johnny ‘Dale’ Hardwick Found Dead

Speaking to TMZ, law enforcement confirms they were asked to perform a wellness check on the King Of The Hill star earlier this week. Arriving at Johnny Hardwick’s home on Tuesday, law enforcement officers discovered his body. Tragically, the actor was pronounced dead on the scene. At this time, his cause of death has not been made public. Law enforcement officials, however, did confirm they did not suspect any signs of foul play connected to his passing.

Unfortunately, it is a little unclear how old Johnny Hardwick was at the time of his death as credible sources are confirming him dead at both 59 and 64. Moreover, credible sources are citing birthdays that correspond with both of those birth years.

As those who have followed the actor know, Johnny Hardwick kicked off his career in the 1990s in Texas as a stand-up comedian. He landed his first stand-up gig on The Jon Stewart Show.

The actor, however, will be most remembered for his work in the long-running animated sitcom called King Of The Hill as the voice of Dale Gribble. Fans remember Dale Gribble fondly as Hank Hill’s conspiracy theory-obsessed friend. Fans also remember him for his vibrant orange baseball cap and his sunglasses.

Fans Mourn His Tragic Passing

As one of Fox’s longest-running shows, King Of The Hill amassed 259 episodes over 13 seasons. It ran from January 12, 1997, to September 13, 2009. Unsurprisingly the adult animation accumulated a huge fan base. These fans wasted no time taking to Twitter to mourn the devastating passing of Johnny Hardwick. Many opted to share some of their favorite clips of his character on the show.

What Does This Mean For The King Of The Hill Reboot?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, a King Of The Hill reboot was confirmed. Understandably, fans wonder if Johnny Hardwick would change things.

The streaming giant Hulu reportedly picked up the series after Fox finally closed the door on any plans for a revival. Hulu confirmed the revival in January of this year. The streaming giant, however, has not shared much of the revival details just yet.

Tragically, Johnny Hardwick was among the cast members confirmed to return for the revival. Other cast members confirmed included: Mike Judge (Hank Hill), Kathy Najimy (Hank’s wife Peggy), Pamela Adlon (Bobby Hill),  Stephen Root (Bill), and Lauren Tom (Connie).

With the news of Johnny Hardwick’s death breaking in the past hour, it is too early to definitively tell what Hulu plans to do in regard to the revival. However, fans can only hope that they find a way to honor Johnny’s character if they decide to move forward with the revival without him.

Rest in peace, Johnny Hardwick.


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