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Matt Brown Updates: What is He Doing in 2023?

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Matt Brown is a popular Alaskan survival expert and former television personality.

He is the son of Billy and Ami Brown, which explains why he was featured on the Alaskan Bush People. The show was based on the life of the Brown family, who decided to leave civilization behind completely.

Alaskan Bush People was first released on the 6th of May 2014.

However, Matt was notably absent from the eighth season onwards. What has he been up to lately?

Who is Matt Brown? What has he been doing Recently?

Matt Brown is the eldest child in the Brown family.

After he stepped back from reality television, Matt decided to launch his own YouTube Channel. This was back on the 17th of January 2019.

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According to Matt, the main purpose of his channel is to help him with his recovery. Most fans of the show will be aware of the demons Matt has had to deal with over the past few years.

Other than that, Brown also uses this channel as a platform to keep his fans updated on his most recent adventures.

Just a few days ago, Matt released a video titled ‘dragging things.’ In the video, Matt’s subscribers watched as he created a makeshift sled.

He then used this sled to haul some of his camping gear to prepare for his mountain hike. This is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

Matt also uses this channel for self-growth, talking about his recovery process. His videos show that he is currently on the right track, particularly as he encourages all those who need help to seek it.

Three years after he started his channel, Matt has collected an impressive 24.5K subscribers.

Image of Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People cast, Matt Brown

A look into his social media Activity

Aside from YouTube, Matt has also developed an impressive following on Instagram. He currently has 193K followers on his page.

A look at it shows that he has been quite busy over the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago, for instance, Matt was hard at work harvesting apples during the latter end of the season. With winter on the horizon, harvests like these are crucial for their survival.

From his page, we also learn that Matt is a religious man. He has a bible quote in his bio.

Matt Brown Accident and Injury

Back in 2017, Matt was involved in a serious accident.

He was in Brownton, at his family’s rural homestead when an explosion caught the attention of his crew.

Matt was the only member of the family present, as everyone else was with his mother in Southern California. When the crew arrived, they found Matt on the floor, bleeding.

The medics were very concerned at first glance, as they thought that Matt had a fractured skull. They were worried that the subsequent swelling could eventually lead to blood loss and trauma. As such, they were forced to request an immediate evacuation.

We later learned that Matt had unintentionally detonated a bear deterrent in fear of encroaching bears.

According to Brown, bears had become a real problem in the area. They’d even find their way into the house if there were no one around.

Feeling anxious and paranoid at the prospect of spending the day alone, Matt decided to take matters into his own hands.

After the accident, he was rushed to a medical center in Juneau, where he was put in an ICU. His doctors also had to use nine staples to close the large cut on his head.

Drugs and Rehab

One pitfall of fame for the Brown family is that Matt developed a severe drug problem.

Remarkably, Matt released a statement claiming that the Alaskan Bush People Production crew was responsible for giving him drugs.

After he started using, he quickly started spiraling and drinking more in general. He was not only falling out with his family but he even got slapped with serious assault charges.

2016 marked the first time he was taken to a treatment facility. The first stint in rehab did not take, however, and he fell off the wagon again.

Two years later, Brown decided to seek help for his alcohol and drug problem once more. This facility was based in California, which meant that he’d be away from his family for a prolonged period. They were, however, very supportive and only wanted the best for Matt’s recovery.

As of 2022, Matt Brown is doing well and is 4-years into his recovery. He frequently documents his journey on his YouTube page, with the aim of inspiring all those in need of help.

Matt Brown Family Feud

Matt Brown’s problem with alcohol and drugs created a rift between him and his family.

He was a different person as he battled substance abuse, especially after being slapped with multiple assault charges.

In his darkest days, Matt took to social media to talk about his family had ruined him financially.

He revealed that he had no money and was even starving due to lack of food.

Matt lambasted the fact that the show was doing so well while he was struggling to make ends meet.

He went on to claim that his family had kept more than $360,000 from him. He claims that his father oversaw the revenue generated from the series.

It was the reason the two fell out in the first place. Fortunately, they were able to mend fences before Billy Brown passed away.

Matt Brown Wife and kids

Despite being 41-years old, there are no clear indications that Matt is married.

Research shows that he almost got married to a woman named Heather Bagayas.

Unfortunately, the two split up in 2014. In an Instagram tell-all, Matt also shared a secret with his fans.

He had been involved with a married woman for nearly three years.

The two were both enrolled at the Betty Ford rehab center in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the woman in question also had two children.

Image of Matt Brown with his daughters

Matt Brown with his two daughters

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