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Noah Brown Announces He Wants To Leave ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Noah Brown

Alaskan Bush People Season 14 spoilers see Noah Brown making a plan to leave the mountain and get back to his bush roots. Plus, one sibling’s in the hospital with a major medical crisis. And several other siblings recommit to life off the grid. Take a look at what’s coming on the Discovery Channel series.

Noah Newman Plans to Ditch Family – Alaskan Bush People Spoilers

Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha in August of 2018, since then, they welcomed sons Elijah and Adam. Now, it seems Noah’s rethinking life in Washington state after losing dad Billy Brown.

So, on Season 14 of Alaskan Bush People, the rest of the family’s stunned to hear that Noah plans to take his little family back to Alaska. Now, Noah wants to raise his sons the way they were raised in the bush and in Browntown.

Noah Brown in Alaskan Bush People

We’ll see Noah up in a plane looking at remote properties in the Alaskan panhandle area. But ABP Season 14 spoilers from Discovery say that Noah’s search is “ambitious and dangerous”.

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Bear Marries Raiven on the Mountain – Discovery Channel This Season

Alaskan Bush People fans that keep up with the family off-season know that Bear married Raiven Adams in January of 2022. There were Discovery cameras at the nuptials, so we’ll get to see them hitched on the mountain.

Raiven Adams - Bear Brown wedding

They seem committed to making their “real-life love off the grid” romance work. Raiven and their son River take up residence at the rugged mountaintop home with the rest of the family. Can they make love last?

Snowbird Brown’s Medical Crisis Could Crush Her Hopes on Alaskan Bush People

It’s not just Noah Brown looking North to their home state. Snowbird Brown also wants to head back to where she grew up — to get closure about losing her father. But while in Alaska, Bird has a medical crisis that sends her to the hospital.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Snowbird Brown

Rainbow Brown is there with her sister on Alaskan Bush People. Rain cries and says she wishes it were her in the hospital bed instead of Bird. It seems this illness could impact her future fertility and affect her ability to start a family.

Ami, Bam & Gabe Struggle to Rebuild – ABP Spoilers

On the mountain, the family is still in recovery mode after the devastating fire seen last season. Bam Bam is there standing strong with his mom Ami Brown. They need to turn the ranch into a money-making enterprise ASAP or else.

Alaskan Bush People spoilers also see Gabe Brown on the mountain, with his wife, Raquell Rose, and their two daughters. He’s rushing to finish building them a home to keep warm in the bitter cold of Eastern WA this winter. Will he get done in time?

Watch the new season on Discovery and check back here for more Alaskan Bush People spoilers on Noah Brown and the rest.

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