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SHOCKING TWIST! Is Molly Dying On General Hospital?

When it comes to General Hospital, predicting any character’s future story or fate is really difficult. The ABC soap has proven time and again that it is not scared of pulling off the most unexpected and shocking twists. Even if it means killing off a major character. We have seen it with Jason Morgan, Luke Spencer, and most recently with mega villains, Victor Cassadine and Ryan. Now, rumors claim that Molly Lansing could soon become the next name on that list! But how ans why? Keep reading to find out!

Molly and TJ’s Heated Storyline On General Hospital

Alexis Davis and her girls are an integral part of the General Hospital canvas. Over the years, they have all been involved in many front burner storylines. Even as we speak, Molly and Kristina are part of one of the current headlining narratives of the ABC soap. TJ Ashford and Molly Lansing are trying to become parents. However, their journey to parenthood hit a hurdle when Molly was diagnosed with endometriosis. Thus, the two decided to opt for surrogacy as the solution. However, when have things ever been that easy or drama-free on General Hospital?

General Hospital
GH/ TJ and Molly

Molly and TJ’s decision to find a surrogate outside of the Davis family, did not sit well with Molly’s sister, Kristina. She let her displeasure be known in full intensity. All because she had offered to be Molly’s surrogate long before the latter even considered surrogacy as an option. Currently, the storyline is focused on the clash between Molly and Kristina’s opposing views on the choice of surrogate. But the latest rumors tease that the clash will not last long, because Molly herself may be on the verge of getting cut from General Hospital!

Is It Time To Bid Adieu?

Molly’s character as well as the various actresses that have portrayed her recently on General Hospital have bee making headlines. Unfortunately, not for the right reasons. The OG Molly, Haley Pullos, went on an extended break from GH after getting embroiled in legal troubles due to her DUI arrest. that led GH to recast Molly in her absence. However, two recasts later, viewers have still not accepted the ” nu Mollys” as they like to call her on social media.

GH/ Is this the end of the road for Molly?

Now, the latest spoilers are hinting that the makers are ready to give up on Molly on General Hospital. They feel that post Haley, none of the recasts are working. And that is just taking away from the character as well as the story. Thus, there is a solid chance that in the upcoming episodes, Molly may meet a tragic end in Port Charles. As heartbreaking as it would be, it still may end up doing wonders for the soap. As Molly’s death would open the door for many new storylines! So be sure to check in with TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on the new possibilities. Meanwhile, tell us in the comments what’s your opinion on ending Molly’s character.

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