Whoopi Goldberg Dispels Covid Conspiracy Theories In Video Message To ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg in video message to The View

Whoopi Goldberg in video message to The ViewX/The View

Whoopi Goldberg missed another day of The View due to her third bout with Covid, but sent a video message to the show to dispel internet rumors about her absence.

Watch the video below.

“In spite of everything you’ve heard,” said a masked and tired-looking Goldberg, “I am not at Burning Man, I am not still in Italy, I am not trying to change the outcome of the election, I just have Covid.”

Today’s episode began just as yesterday’s, with co-host Joy Behar in the moderator seat and explaining Goldberg’s absence. “Whoopi is still under the Cover weather,” Behar said before addressing internet comments questioning the vaccinated Goldberg’s illness.

“People write she got the vaccine so how come she still gets it?,” Behar said. ” “Because she’s not dead! She’s just a little under the weather. If you don’t get [the vaccine] and you get the disease you might die.” She added, “This type of irrational talk drives me nuts.”

In her video message, Goldberg said she is still testing positive for Covid so might be off the show for the next couple of days. She added that she was “thrilled to see the beautiful new desk” that was unveiled yesterday for the daytime talk show’s 27th season premiere. “And I’m thrilled to see all the beautiful women…I can’t wait to get back and hang out.”

As with yesterday’s episode, today’s installment of The View did not air on ABC stations (including New York City’s affiliate) impacted by the ongoing clash between Disney and Charter/Spectrum.

The show’s announcement on Tuesday about Goldberg’s illness followed the previous day’s news that First Lady Jill Biden had tested Covid positive, giving rise to right-wing conspiracy theories that the high-profile announcements were concocted to instigate government crackdowns.

Watch Goldberg’s video message below.


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