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‘ABP’ Bird Brown Gives Health Update After Hospitalization

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Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown developed cancer and recently, she was hospitalized again for surgery but she seems okay now, and she updated her fans on social media. Discovery fans familiar with the show know that she ended up rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery last year.

ABP Bird Brown Hospitalized For A Second Time

The first time that Ami’s daughter went for emergency surgery, it played out on Alaskan Bush People. Remember, she feared whatever went wrong and she didn’t tell anyone. Her sister, Rain found her in agony and the next thing, she underwent surgery for two ovarian tumors. Next, her medical professionals advised that they remove her uterus to prevent it from spreading. Bravely, she made the decision to not do it because she wants her own kids one day.

Bird Brown gave her Discovery Channel fans updates since time since her recovery from the original surgery. Actually, one of those came on the show’s finale in the last season. So far, it seems like good news. Of course, she needs regular testing just in case the tumors come back, turn cancerous, and spread elsewhere. If they catch it early enough doctors might be able to save her. However, that will mean a life-changing thing for Bear’s sister if that happens. This time, she updated on new tests carried out after surgery in Seattle.

ABP Bird Brown Updated  In April And May

In mid-April, fans still waited for further updates, because no news had arrived.  However, she appeared back on social media and told her followers that she planned a big update very soon. Eventually, in May, she dropped a much bigger update and fans felt very relieved because they heard that she still had a few issues. However, so far, she’s still testing free of cancer.

Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People Instagram Bird Brown Gives Health Update After Hospitalization
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Bird Brown took a long time to recover after her surgery, but at last, she said that she felt strong enough to lift her kitties and do some exercise. On September 14, the Alaskan Bus People star didn’t look or sound very well on Instagram. She explained that she felt okay but she suffered quite a “lot of pain.” Mind you it isn’t as bad as the pain from the first surgery. In fact, doctors did about “four small procedures” when she was under the knife and one of them was a “diagnostic laparoscopy.” The rest of the names eluded her though.

Awaiting Results

Bird Brown said that she doesn’t know if doctors found anything but she hopes to hear what they discovered by the end of the week or early “next week.” When she gives more feedback, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. People who go for tests to check if they are cancer-free live under a dark shadow while they wait for results.  Hopefully, it will be good news for Ami’s daughter.

Are you anxious to find out the results of the test and the laparoscopy? Are you holding thumbs for good news? Let us know in the comments below and come back here often for more news about Alaskan Bush People.


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