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Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Has To Undergo Another Surgery?

Bird Brown Has To Undergo Another Surgery?

Alaskan Bush People star Birdie Brown has a long medical history. It all started when she suffered from severe abdominal pain. Initially, she shared her sufferings with her sister Rain but was reluctant to consult a medical professional. However, within no time, the star had no option and had to seek professional help. Birdie was diagnosed with cancer, and her reports revealed two tumors. Hence, she immediately had to undergo surgery to remove them and get rid of the cancer.

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Though Birdie claims she had to recover fully from her painful process, she might have to undergo another surgery now. She revealed that lately, a “fluid buildup” in her “scare tissue” is causing some issues. Apparently, it is a common thing that can happen after surgery. Yet, they will have to watch out for it because she had cystic tumors, and one of them had fluid. It has been a few months since she has faced this issue, and she would soon have to undergo surgery to cure it. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Alaskan Bush People tea.

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