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Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Underwent Four Painful Procedures After Recent Hospitalization [Update]

Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown is trying to live a normal life after some major incidents in her life. She was devastated after Billy’s passing and was finding it hard to move on from this trauma. Tragically, the celeb was then diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo some major surgeries.

Since then, fans have always been concerned about Bird’s health. Amid all this, she recently took to her social media handle and revealed the latest updates regarding her medical condition. Fans were quick to notice that Birdie wasn’t looking fine at all, which further raised concern among viewers.

Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Talks About Latest Hospital Visit, Underwent Four Procedures

It’s been a while since Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown has been living a cancer-free life. Yet she has to make trips to hospitals in a few months and has to undergo several tests as well. Recently, the celeb took to Instagram and revealed that she was heading to Seattle for a test.

Birdie added that it was a “diagnostic laparoscopy” test, and she was really nervous because of the same. She was taking a road trip and promised her viewers that she would soon update them regarding the same. So, Birdie again took to Instagram and posted a follow-up video regarding the same.



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Bird was lying down, and it was evident from her tone and voice that she wasn’t fine at all. The Alaskan Bush People celeb revealed that though she was okay for now, she had to undergo “a lot of pain.” Birdie further added that she had to go for “four small procedures,” and they were really painful.

She stated that, for now, she isn’t sure if her doctors found anything during her tests or not. But she would be getting her reports by the end of this week or probably during the first half of next week. Hence, she would then update her fans again.

Alaskan Bush People: What Happened To Bird? Everything About Her Cancer Phase!

Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown had undergone a really rough phase of her life during the last few years. After her father’s sad demise, she learned that she was having cancer. Fans were in disbelief when they got to know that their favorite celeb had two tumors.

Hence, Snowbird had to undergo a super painful surgery to remove those tumors. Her doctors made it clear that if she wanted to eliminate the risk of cancer, she needed to get her uterus removed once and for all. But Bird wanted to be a mother.

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She decided not to get her uterus removed. Hence, now Bird has to undergo some tests frequently to check if she is still cancer-free or not. Till now, everything was fine, and her reports were coming back to normal. But this time, viewers are a bit worried.

Apparently, after watching Bird’s current condition in her recent video, they became a bit concerned. So now they are eagerly waiting for her to update them as soon as she gets her latest reports. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Alaskan Bush People tea.


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