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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown Reportedly Secretly Married His Girlfriend Raquell!

Here is everything you need to know about 'Alaskan Bush People' star Gabe Brown's girlfriend and now wife Raquell Rose.

gabe alaskan bush people girlfriend

The wolf pack is growing on Alaskan Bush People. The family has officially moved to Washington and fans will begin seeing some new faces on the Discovery series.

Noah Brown just moved his new (and pregnant) wife onto the 400-acre homestead, and his younger brother Gabe Brown is hoping to follow his example when it comes to his girlfriend Raquell Rose.

So, how did Gabe and Raquell meet?

Gabe met the brunette beauty while in California for mom Ami Brown’s cancer treatments. Raquell was actually friends with Gabe’s sister Rain before they got together, and according to Gabe, they quickly hit it off.

“She became more than a friend to me,” Gabe explained on the show. “We kind of liked each other and that kind of turned from one thing into another thing and now I’m kind of dating her.”

gabe brown girlfriend

The couple has been seeing each long distance since Gabe moved to Washington with his family — but Gabe wants to change that and see if Raquell can handle life in the “bush.”

“I just think it’s come to that time with Raquell that I want to take it to the next level,” Gabe added. “I want to progress this relationship. I want to bring her into the wolf pack.” Gabe’s dad, Billy Brown, had some good advice for his son when it comes to his relationship, telling cameras, “Gabe is the strongest in the family that he will never leave the bush. If Raquell came out and didn’t commit to the lifestyle, didn’t commit to what we are doing, it definitely just wouldn’t work.”

Are Gabe and Raquell still together?

It seems like Raquell and Gabe are still going strong. Gabe recently gushed about his girlfriend on their one-year anniversary, revealing how because of Raquell he is no longer “sad and lonely.”

“Never stop dreaming or hoping. Once upon time I was lonely, and sad feeling as though the very spirit that made me, had faded away as so many things in life do,” he wrote. “Thanks to this amazing woman, my loving family, and the power, mercy, and presence of God. Bliss has once again become part of who I am.”

raquell rose instagram

Gabe continued, “With a little luck, a lot of faith, some patience and a dash of teamwork, we’ll grow old together loving each other a little more every day.”

It also helps that Gabe is getting from dating advice from older brother Noah, who has been dubbed the “best well-spoken” Brown brother.

“Living in the bush, it’s hard work. It has a lot of trials and tribulations,” Gabe said. “I think the sooner Raquell comes up here, and she kind of feels out the bush, the better.”

alaskan bush people gabe

Well, it seems that Raquell was fit for life in the bush, because it has been reported that the couple secretly tied the knot. According to court documents, Gabe and Raquell were married on Jan. 14, 2019 and celebrated their honeymoon in Las Vegas. “Rose really gets along well with Billy and Ami, and they have already accepted her into the family,” a source told Radar Online.

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