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Breaking News: Why Is Gabe Brown Upset After Recent Doctor’s Appointment?

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Why Is Gabe Brown Upset After Recent Doctor's Appointment?

Alaskan Bush People spoilers reveal that fans are curious about why Gabe Brown is upset after he went to see his doctor. In his most recent post on Instagram, he shared a selfie of himself pouting as he looked at the camera. His fans were curious as to why he was so sad in this picture. He did take the time to explain to his fans what was going on in this photo and why he ended up going to see his doctor.

Why Did Gabe Go To His Doctor?

In his photo, Gabe showed off a bandage on his arm as he was pouting in the photo. He captioned the photo, “Just got a tetanus shot, it didn’t really hurt too bad, the nurse said that’s cause I have huge Biceps. When will I learn to watch where I step? Lol.” What was really interesting was that his brother, Bear Brown, was one of the first to comment on this post. He told him that he was a “copycat”, so fans thought that Bear must have gone to get one as well.

Why did the Brown brothers have to get tetanus shots? Most of his fans thought it was because of the work that they do and the risks they take doing it. They do a lot of work in construction and for the most part, they are just taking some precautions. Their fans were quick to share what they thought about Gabe’s photo.

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Why Is Gabe Brown Upset After Recent Doctor's Appointment?

Fans React

As soon as Gabe’s fans saw this post, they had a lot of questions and comments for him. One fan told him that this would definitely hurt more the next day. One more wrote,”Turn that frown upside down Gabe!See having big biceps helped.” Another added, “Make sure you move that arm a lot!!!! It usually hurts more the next day.” One more wrote, “Just don’t flex em when getting the injection. Tetanus shots kinda hurt more than some others.”

Even though Gabe got all of these wonderful comments, he never took the chance to answer any of the questions about why he had to get a tetanus shot. Some of his fans thought that he might have stepped on a nail or got something in his hand. He didn’t say anything at all to these comments, but it looks as if his fans had a lot of advice to give him about the pain of the shot. We will continue to keep an eye on Gabe to see if he makes any updates as to why he had to get this shot.

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