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Days of Our Lives: Brady Gets A Ray Of Light, Finally Finds A New Romance

The complicated world of Days of Our Lives thrives on constantly throwing its characters into complex romantic entanglements. Moreover, it also has a tenacity to bring back unexpected characters back into the fold at the most surprising times! Something similar is about to happen once again on the Peacock soap! And this time, Brady Black will be in the center of it. After a failed romance with Chloe, and an ongoing battle with Kristen, he may finally find respite in the arms of an unexpected lady! But who is it going to be? Keep reading to find out!

The Return Of Brady Black’s Ex

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that actress Jen Lilley will reprise the role of Theresa Donovan in the upcoming episodes. Theresa is Brady’s ex and also the mother of his son, Tate. There was a time when Brady was madly in love with Theresa and wanted a family and a whole future with her. The whole bells and whistles. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen! But the Soap God’s might be willing to review that old wish from Brady Black’s diary!

DOOL/ Will Theresa stay back for Brady?

However, from what we hear, we can say that Jen Lilley is only returning for a short stint on Days of Our Lives. Perhaps to pay her respects to Victor Kiriakis. Or she may even have other personal reasons behind her visit. But whatever the reasons maybe, it will definitely be a short stay for Theresa, portrayed by Jen. But here is where things get interesting! Jen will most likely exit the show, but Theresa will not! Confused? Don’t worry we got your back! Keep reading to find out what new shakeup awaits you!

Emily O’Brien Slips Into Theresa’s Shoes On Days Of Our Lives

Yes Yes, we know, Emily portrays Gwen on Days of Our Lives and is bang in the middle of a crazy storyline of her own. But hey! History is proof that things can change on the soap in the snap of a finger. And perhaps that is what is about to happen on DOOL. Once the episodes with Jen as Theresa have rolled out, Emily will take over the role. And that’s when a romance between Theresa and Brady might spark!

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Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady and Gwen

Interestingly, back in May 2023, Days of Our Lives did a little chem test between Eric Martsolf and Emily O’Brien. The two bumped into each other at the pub, and Gwen made him a proposition. Perhaps asking him to be her buddy in doing exactly what Xander was doing with Chloe under the sheets! That was one cheeky little conversation! Back then we wondered if the makers are trying to couple up Brady and Gwen. But nope! They had entirely different plans, and honestly, it might just work better! Brady, Theresa and Tate together would make a rather cute family!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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