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Days of Our Lives: Gwen Busts Dimitri And Leo

While Daytime stories are known to move at a slow pace. Days of Our Lives really stomped their foot down on the accelerator on Gwen and Dimitri’s story. It was only yesterday that the duo crossed paths and they have already tied the knot of holy matrimony on the Peacock soap. Granted, that Dimitri really was hard pressed for time, with his 40th birthday coming in and all. But it still feels too quick by DOOL standards! We wonder if that’s so because this is only the tip of the REAL story that awaits ahead! But what could happen next? Keep reading to find out!

Dimitri Successfully Dupes Gwen Into Marrying Him

From the word go, it was clear what Megan and Dimitri’s intentions were for Gwen on Days of Our Lives. Dimitri needed to take a bride before his 40th birthday to get his paternal inheritance. Thus, the mother and son felt like wooing Gwen and getting her to marry Dimitri would work just fine. However, once the two started to spend time with each other, it looked like real sparks were flying between the two. But alas! Dimitri had us all fooled! His real interest lied in Leo, Gwen was just, well the means to an end! Which he has successfully accomplished now!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Gwen and Dimitri get married

In the recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, Dimitri and Gwen became man and wife, while Leo bit down his tongue, despite knowing the truth. But can the truth remain contained forever? At one point, it really felt like the cat would leap out of the bag at the altar. But the double wedding ended up being one of those rare weddings on soaps that actually go through unhindered. But how long can Dimitri and Gwen’s marriage remain unhindered? Especially with Gwen becoming suspicious by the minute!

Days of Our Lives: Gwen Exposes Dimitri’s Sham, Destroys His Inheritance

She already had been feeling that something was off with Dimitri’s behavior towards her. And now, she has become convinced that Leo too, is hiding something from her on Days of Our Lives. From awkward behavior to saucy texts Gwen is about to have her hands full with even more incriminating evidence against Dimitri and Leo. We wonder if Gwen will finally manage to connect the dots on this one soon. Even if she dosen’t end up suspecting Leo and Dimitri having an affair, right off the bat. She might reach to that conclusion eventually. Maybe she will start to think that Dimitri is cheating her with another woman and hire a private investigator to get her evidence on it.

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DOOL/ Gwen exposes Dimitri and Leo

Gwen may put hired eyes and ears on her husband on Days of Our Lives. And that’s what might eventually bring the real truth to her. The P.I. may get her video and audio evidence of Dimitri and Leo getting intimate and perhaps even discussing the inheritance. While this will devastate Gwen, but she might recover and unleash her vengeful streak soon after. Gwen might use the evidence against Dimitri to prove that their wedding after all is just a sham. Thus, causing him to lose his inheritance. How will he react to that? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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