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Days of Our Lives: New HOT PAIRING Coming Together

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers are subtly dropping hints that we must keep our popcorn ready for all the hot new drama that’s coming our way in the coining episodes. Of course, all of it in the realm of romance! After giving us a twisted love triangle between Gwen, Dimitri and Leo. The makers are setting the stage for yet another one! In fact, quite interestingly, Gwen will have an even more twisted part to play in it. But Not in the way you are thinking! So dive right in to find out what’s actually about to heat up in Salem!

Theresa Offers Her Heart To Brady

There was a time on Days of Our Lives when Brady really wanted a happy family with Theresa Donovan. However, the residents of Salem hardly ever get what they want. Even if they do, they generally end up actually getting it, only to regret it later! But Theresa has sort of been the one that got away for Brady. Yet, when she returns to Salem for Victor’s funeral, Brady isn’t instantly taken back to that place in his head where is truly loved her. In fact, the spoilers say that a single and ready to mingle Theresa will push Brady for a renewed romance.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady and Theresa meet again

However, Brady will decline Theresa’s offer of love. Even though he too, is just as single as she is on Days of Our Lives. Perhaps he is still holding on to hope that Chloe will eventually break up with Xander and he will have another chance with her. But your guess is as good as ours at this point. But here’s where the story gets interesting. Despite Brady’s refusal for love, Theresa will still choose to stick around town for a while. Ans this may change everything! DOOL spoilers tease that she will be seated next to Alex Kiriakis at Victor’s funeral! Are you thinking what we are thinking?

Alex Sweeps In To Sweep Theresa Off Her Feet On Days of Our Lives

Alex too, has seen too many upheavals in his love life recently on Days of Our Lives. He lost his chance with Stephanie and his date with Melinda was a disaster. Moreover, he is genuinely trying to make an effort to love on in life. Thus, if single dwindles Theresa and Alex spark a conversation at Victor’s funeral, they might end up taking the talking to a more appropriate place later on. The latest DOOL spoilers tease that Theresa will be involved in a storyline with Alex and Brady. It makes a lot of sense that Theresa and Alex might start seeing each other, and that could rouse some jealousy in Brady!

DOOL/ Alex meets Theresa

After all, old feelings have a way of creeping back in the most unexpected manner! Now, on to another twist! Remember how we mentioned Gwen will have a part in all of this? Well, actually is will be Gwen’s portrayer, Emily O’Brien. The word on the block is that the makers are writing Gwen off Days of Our Lives. And Emily will take over the role of Theresa! Hence, it is safe to assume that Theresa will stick around for sometime on the soap. Thus leaving enough time ad scope for a thrilling love triangle between Alex, Theresa and Brady! If this happens, who will you be rooting for? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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