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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of July 24, 2023: Whitley Suffers A Mental Breakdown, Lani Bids Farewell

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of July 24-28, 2023, reveal that Whitley and Abe’s story will finally reach a conclusion. Meanwhile, a new chapter will begin in Sloan and Eric’s life. However, Gwen will begin to have doubts about the romantic tale she has been spinning with Dimitri. Could this have something to do with his dalliance with Leo? Or has Gwen found out about the inheritance requirements? Dive into the article below for all the juicy details!

Chad Vents About Alex, Belle Pleads With Kristen

Ever since Alex moved into the same apartment building as Chad and Stephanie, the couple has been experiencing constant disturbance from him. During the week of July 24-28, 2023, Chad will confide in Theo about how Alex is stressing him out. Meanwhile, Alex will continue to lean on Stephanie for support. Later, Alex will go on a blind date that will end in disaster. Thus, making him reach out to Stephanie for support once again and derailing her romantic night with Chad in the process. This could ultimately push Chad to a breaking point, and he may lash out at his girlfriend’s ex in anger!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Chad talks to Theo

At the DiMera Mansion, Belle will make a special request with Kristen. Previously, on Days of Our Lives, Brady really made a huge mess by threatening his baby mama at gunpoint. Now, this has given her an upper hand, and should she choose to press charges, Brady will very well be arrested! However, Belle will try to make peace with Kristen on her brother’s behalf. However, Kristen will suggest that she will happily drop her statement if Brady agrees to sign the new custody agreement for Rachel.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Whitley Has A Meltdown, Lani Says Goodbye

Whitley’s twisted game of house has gone on for far too long with Abe. Thankfully, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that during the week of July 24-28, 2023, it will reach its conclusion. Pushed into a corner, Whitley will suffer a mental meltdown. Marlena will then take charge of her case and try to get her the treatment she needs. So it seems like Nurse Whitley will soon get shipped off to Bayview while Lani and Abe get rescued.

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DOOL/ Whitley suffers a breakdown

Speaking of Lani, Rafe, and Jada will discover her unconscious on the floor on Days of Our Lives. They will rush her to the hospital, and thanks to early and proper treatment, Lani will make a full recovery in no time. Abe, too, will get the medical assistance he needs and will likely regain his memories as Whitley’s drugs wear off. This will give him a chance to have a sweet moment with his daughter, Lani before she has to leave. Lani’s temporary release from the prison will come to a close this week, and she will head back to serve the rest of her sentence.

EJ and Nicole Learn About Sloan’s Pregnancy, Gwen Questions Her Relationship With Dimitri

Further, Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 24-28, 2023, reveal that EJ and Nicole will hear the news of Sloan being pregnant with Eric’s baby. EJ will be ecstatic over the news because it will keep Eric occupied and focused on Sloan and their pregnancy. Thus, leaving him no time to spend with Nicole. That would certainly pacify some of EJ’s concerns about Eric’s interference in their life. Nicole, however, might be a little shocked by the news, and EJ will definitely notice the uneasiness. Will this make him realize that Nicole perhaps still has feelings for Eric?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ EJ and Nicole talk

Elsewhere in Salem, Gwen will be shocked to find Dimitri and Leo together on Days of Our Lives. However, the men may manage to slip out of her grip by claiming that they are working on the wedding preparations. Later, the two of them might again land in trouble when Gwen catches a scandalous text on Leo’s phone from Dimitri. Will the two be able to smooth things over a second time with Gwen? Or a massive explosion is loading right in time for Gwen and Dimitri’s wedding! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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