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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Paulina’s Medical Mystery-Chanel Worries About Mom

Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates tease Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) will have a medical mystery storyline coming up.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlights

Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) will notice something wrong as Paulina’s helping her get ready for a special date with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman).

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Paulina Price Isn’t Herself

Chanel can tell that Paulina isn’t herself although she denies anything is wrong-she just seems tired out, jumpy and distracted, and just generally unfocused.

It’s possible that her panic attacks back a few months ago could have been misdiagnosed by Talia Hunter (Aketra Sevillian) and it’s something else that’s gotten worse.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Paulina’s Medical Mystery-Chanel Worries About Mom


Whatever is going on, it’s worrying and scaring Chanel-she’s never seen her mother like this before, even though she acknowledges the past few months have been awful.

This is a big important date with Johnny for Chanel, and she wants to look perfect-but Paulina seems like she’s just plain “off” and not feeling well. It’s enough to make Chanel think that she needs to get Paulina to the doctor asap, but Paulina won’t go!

 DOOL Spoilers – Nefarious Goings-On In Salem

There have been some nefarious goings-on in Salem, thanks to Clyde Weston (James Read) running his drug business from inside the walls of Statesville.

So far he’s blackmailed Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) and Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) into doing his bidding, and this was right after Paulina ordered a crackdown on crime.

There could be a possibility that Clyde has ordered a hit on Paulina but rather than doing something obvious like sending a gunman, she could be poisoned or drugged.

Neither Stefan nor Ava would have agreed to carrying out something like that, but Clyde still has his minions out and about in Salem who would.

Chanel wants to get Paulina checked out medically, but she’ll pooh pooh that idea and chalk it up to stress from her mayoral duties.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Bracing For A Christmas Diagnosis

DOOL spoilers reveal there will be one Salemite bracing for a Christmas diagnosis-the wording “bracing” implies it may be something serious.

Chanel may be worried about her mother for a very good reason, unable to get Paulina to go in for a checkup-and Abe Carver’s (James Reynolds) still not back to normal. Abe is getting there but if he were totally back to being himself he’d demand Paulina be checked out as well.

Chanel knows that her mom can be stubborn but this is something that could be severe-she’s so busy taking care of everyone and everything else she’s neglecting herself.

Chanel will continue to worry and fret over Paulina until she can get her convinced to get some medical attention.  

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