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Days of Our Lives: Vivian Gets Out Of Jail

It was truly an uphill battle for Stefan and Gabi on Days of Our Lives. From reprogramming to memory loss serums to unwanted weddings, they truly endured it all. But at last, true love prevailed! Stefan and Gabi finally managed to tie the knot of holy matrimony in all their loved ones’ presence. The newlyweds are currently soaring high in love and bliss. However, tragedies and troubles are only ever a stone throw away on this Peacock soap! Does that mean a new terror awaits the couple around the corner? Keep reading to find out more!

Vivian Gets Out Of Jail

Days of Our Lives fans know that Vivian Alamain has been in prison for a while now. But Statesville won’t be able to contain her for much longer. The sassy diva will soon finish severing her sentence and be out to smell daisies! Although there is always a chance that this freedom could be one that she attains by escaping the facility. However, a little birdie tells us that this jailbird is going to take the legal route out. So finishing her term or winning early release is more likely. While this will be great news for her, it’s hardly going to be the same for Gabi.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel)

Previously, when Gabi was holding Stefan hostage for a deprogramming session, Vivian had called to speak to her son. However, Gabi had intercepted the call and told her that once Stefan’s brain is fixed, she would ensure he visited her on a weekly basis. Of course, that didn’t happen. Partly because well, Gabi never really intended to hold her side of the deal, and partly because Vivian ratted her out. But the thing is, Gabi never factored in the possibility of Stefan’s mother returning to their lived anytime soon!

Vivian Stirs The Pot For Stefan and Gabi On Days of Our Lives

Just because Gabi wasn’t counting on something doesn’t mean it won’t happen! The latest Days of Our Live spoilers reveal that actress Louise Sorel began filming her scenes as Vivian back in March 2023. While Camila Banus wrapped the filming of her final scenes around April 28, 2023. So there has been a good overlap of dates for the two stars. Thus hinting that their storylines will indeed cross paths. There is no doubt that as soon as Vivian gets out, she would want to see her son. Thus, her first stop will be the DiMera Mansion.

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