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Doctor Who Set Video Hints At Show Finally Addressing Consistent Plot Hole

A new Doctor Who set video hints at the show finally addressing a somewhat consistent plot hole in Ncuti Gatwa's second season as the Doctor.

Protesters demand the truth about alien incursions in the world of Doctor Who in set videos from Ncuti Gatwa’s second season. While Gatwa’s first adventure in 2023’s seasonal special “The Church at Ruby Road” has yet to air, filming for his second seasonal special and full season is currently ongoing. Gatwa is expected to be rejoined by Millie Gibson as companion Ruby Sunday for the season expected to air in 2025.

Though Doctor Who season 14 has yet to air, early hints at Gatwa’s second full season as the Doctor have emerged in set videos shared by Doctor Who Filming Locations on Twitter.

The video shows actors portraying protesters gathered outside of UNIT’s headquarters, causing a stir for the Earth-defending organization. The protesters can be seen demanding proof of aliens with chants and placards, hinting that an upcoming arc in Doctor Who could potentially tackle the public finally questioning why the intergalactic threats are swept under the rug.

Is The Public Aware Of Aliens In Doctor Who?

9 and Rose in Aliens of London

There are a number of ways alien invasions and occupations have been kept out of public record in the world of Doctor Who. In addition to UNIT claiming these incidents were fake publicity stunts from entertainers, other methods have included journalists such as Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) creating cover stories, civilians being drugged with Retcon by Torchwood, or strict acts of Parliament restricting information. Other instances have seen the incidents wiped from public memory entirely.

However, Seven (Sylvester McCoy), Nine (Christopher Eccleston), and Ten (David Tennant) have all hinted that humanity chooses to forget out of discomfort or status. At times, some humans remember and are seen living with it, with Torchwood becoming a well-known nuisance in Cardiff. London is vacated by all except Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) and Queen Elizabeth II due to people wanting to steer clear of any more Christmas incursions in “Voyage of the Damned.” Still, as seen with those such as Clive (Mark Benton) and Osgood (Ingrid Oliver), some are more than eager to know more.

While Doctor Who has seen Earth carry on through terrifying threats, it appears that the public may be through with turning a blind eye. Though showrunner Russell T Davies played with the civilian perception of aliens in his original tenure, it was never brought to the forefront in the way that Gatwa’s second season seems to be approaching it. With the public scared and angry, perhaps an unseen foe may be preparing to use this tension to finally claim Earth for their own in Doctor Who season 15.

Ncuti Gatwa’s upcoming Doctor Who adventures will be streaming on Disney+ for international audiences, and on BBC iPlayer and BBC One for UK viewers.

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