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Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: ‘Murder’ secret exposed as Amit set to confess the truth of Rishi’s death

Amit speaks to Jai outside The Hide in Emmerdale
Suni pushes his father (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam) terrible secret about his brother is set for an airing.

Amit’s guilty secret is that he was there when Rishi died – in fact, the brothers had been warring when Amit grabbed Rishi’s shirt and he accidentally fell down the stairs. Instead of calling for help, Amit fled to save his own skin.

Foolishly, he told his son Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) the truth without considering the burden this placed on him.

Unable to carry the weight of it, he immediately blabbed to boyfriend Nicky (Lewis Cope) and offloaded about Amit’s heinous crime, swearing him to secrecy too.

Nicky later used this knowledge to goad Amit, who fell for the bait and punched him. This act launched a whole fake story that Amit is a bigot and hit Nicky due to homophobia, all in the name of protecting himself from the truth getting out.

More recently, Suni suffered a terrible beating in a homophobic attack, which saw Amit sign a deal with the devil – Caleb – to seek justice from attacker Mike.

Amit and Suni speak to Laurel at her home in Emmerdale

Suni wants the truth to be revealed (Picture: ITV)

Suni senses his dad is getting pulled into something dark, and his own unease at maintaining the secret about Rishi is eating him alive. He’s afraid to confront the idea that his dad has a sinister side. He feels he might be able to solve the problem, if he can just get his dad to confess.

He puts pressure on Amit to reveal the truth about the day Rishi died, which sees his anxiety levels hit the roof.

Amit has no intention of revealing what really happened, particularly to Jai (Chris Bisson), with whom he’s trying to forge a new relationship. How will Amit keep Suni quiet? Will he silence his own son?


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