EastEnders: Big TRAGEDY Coming Up For Kat And Phil

With Phil’s big dirty secret falling into Keanu’s lap on EastEnders, we have to admit that we were skeptical of Phil and Kat’s wedding going through. But it happened! Moreover, it happened without a hitch. Neither one of them hesitated in saying their I Do, nor anyone arrived last minute to raise an objection. But it just makes us wonder if this just the lull before the storm! Could something even bigger coming up for Phil and Kat in the upcoming episodes?

Previously on EastEnders, when Kat found out that Phil and Alfie are keeping a secret from her, she retaliated. In fact, she froze out Phil so hard we though they would break up. But thanks to Sharon intervening, both Kat and Phil both reconciled. However, not before a little slip up from Phil! Right before making up with Kat, he ran into Emma Hardings and had a secret hookup with her! A secret that Keanu found out. And eventually, Alfie did too!

EE/ Phil and Emma hookup

Will Phil and Kat’s Marriage Last?

While Keanu threatened to expose Phil to Kat, Alfie chose to confront him over the truth on EastEnders. Phil admitted what he had done, but Alfie’s secret about his upcoming cancer surgery spilled out too. Thus, both men made a pact to keep each other’s secrets from Kat and go on with their lives. Meanwhile, Phil tried to handle Keanu by lying to him that Kat already knows the truth. Hence, after some tense scenes, Phil managed to reach the registry office and marry Kat happily!

But will this happiness really last? Keanu may have bought Phil’s story on EastEnders. But how long will he actually believe it. Moreover, it is not just Keanu, even Sharon knows it. There is a fair chance that the truth would explode at some point! And when it does, Kat will certainly not take it lying down. Interestingly, while Kat and Phil were tying the knot, Alfie admitted to Linda that he is still very much in love with Kat. Does this mean there is still a future for Kat and Alfie? Especially with this Emma secret hanging over her marriage with Phil?

EE/ Phil and Kat get married

If Kat was to learn about Phil’s betrayal, she may lean back on Alfie on EastEnders. Moreover, with the whole cancer scare, could Alfie end up confessing his feeling to Kat in a vulnerable moment? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Kat-Phil and Alfie’s fate!

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