EastEnders spoilers: Billy horrified as he receives x-rated pictures of Stacey

Stacey is horrified that Billy has seen the photos

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) gets more than he bargained for when he picks up his phone in upcoming EastEnders scenes and is faced with x-rated pictures of neighbour Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

In the café, Stacey and Freddie look at a Phone while Billy and Martin sit at a table in EastEnders

Stacey is horrified that Billy has seen the photos

Poor Billy is at a loss for words when he opens the raunchy pictures which are supposedly from Stacey, though it soon becomes clear that she wasn’t the one to send them.

It doesn’t take Martin Fowler (James Bye) long to realise who is really behind it, as he puts Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) down as the culprit.

Theo has been harassing Stacey for weeks and, having had full access to her Secret Cam account and taken plenty of screenshots during their private video calls, it is obvious that he is the one in possession of the photos.

When Stacey finds out what has happened, she is mortified, and Martin is beyond furious.

This isn’t the first time Theo has targeted Stacey, having already mailed her underwear, sent threatening notes and even broken into her house and trashed her bedroom.

Since then, he has even moved into the house next door to her, making it very clear that he doesn’t intend to leave her alone any time soon.

Stacey makes a plea to the community in EastEnders
Stacey calls for the help of her community in EastEnders (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

At the end of his tether after all of the hassle, Martin soon heads over to Theo’s place to give him a stern warning, but is shaken when Theo threatens to call the police.

As Stacey struggles to deal with Theo’s actions, Martin and Kat (Jessie Wallace) rally round her as she tries to work out what to do about her stalker.

Stacey has already tried reporting Theo to the police, but given that there was no physical evidence of his crime, there was nothing they could do other than let Theo walk free.

Finally, she decides that it may be time to call on her friends and neighbours for their support.

Will they be willing to help her, or will twisted Theo find a way of making her public enemy number one?

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