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General Hospital: A New Nikolas Is On The Way?

General Hospital makers knows gold when they see it and right now Nikolas Cassadine is the golden goose for the ABC soap. There is such a thick air of mystery around the character and the actor portraying it. Fans are literally on the edge of their seats trying to speculate what will happen next in his storyline. Moreover, the makers have done well in keeping the much awaited story under wraps. However, it seems like they have been dropping some subtle hints about the NEW NIKOLAS that is set to come our way! Keep reading to find out more details!

Nikolas Lives To Tell His Tale

Previously, on General Hospital, when Ava smashed Nik’s head with a statue we thought this was the end of his story. But soon enough we found that not to be true at all! Austin and Mason actually saved Nik’s life and he had been recovering under their care for a while. However, he is quite alive and kicking now! GH took us by surprise when an uber chill Nik interacted with Austin in one of the previous episodes. Surprising us by the plot twist about Austin actually being in cahoots with Austin and not Ava!

GH/ Nik survives

By the looks of Nik, it felt as if he will soon saunter back into his raging bull demeanor and unleash hell once again on General Hospital. Viewers will remember that right before Ava put him in a deep slumber, he was raging through PC willing to lock horns and rip through anyone who stood in his way. Even his own son, Spencer. In fact, now Ava has gone missing and in likelihood Mason has done the honors at Nik’s behest. Perhaps as part of his revenge plan. But will Nik really jump to the dark Cassadine side? Or are we about to get yet another surprise?

General Hospital: A Whole New Nikolas Is On The Horizon

Okay, first things first, when Nik, in one of the recent episodes left Port Charles to go to Europe, we felt he is falling off the canvas again. There were a lot of speculations that Adam Huss may not play the character anymore and the makers are just buying time to bring in yet another recast. However, Adam Huss once again appeared on out screens as Nik in the September 29, 2023, episode. He withdrew money in Switzerland from one of his accounts, thus letting Laura know that he is very much alive.

General Hospital
GH/ A new side of Nik

During the withdrawal, Nik’s banker informed him that his mother has been really worried for him and he should do the right thing by letting her know about him. Nik then caught us all off-guard by claiming that he is planning to do exactly that on General Hospital. Perhaps dropping a hint that he is done being vengeful and hateful. And might decide to walk on the right side of the line. As Valentin once suggested Spencer. So while we don’t know how if Nik will get a new face eventually , but he surely get a new personality. A more positive one! But where does that leave the missing Ava? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on whether or not Nik has her!

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