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General Hospital: Delia Is RETURNING? Ilene Kristen REVEALS The TRUTH

Hey there, General Hospital fans! We’ve got some awesome news that’s making everyone super excited. You know that character we all love? Well, there’s a chance they might be coming back to the show. It’s like having an old friend return to the neighborhood! In this article, we’re going to dive into all the cool details about this possible comeback. So, get ready for some fun as we explore what could be a really awesome surprise.

Clues from Ilene Kristen About the Return

So, in this special interview, Ilene Kristen, who played Delia on General Hospital, gave us some hints about what might happen. She basically said, “I think something is going to happen.” It turns out that the person in charge of GH, Frank Valentini, had a neat idea and asked her to be a part of it. It didn’t work out just yet, but Ilene Kristen is totally up for it, saying, “I’d help out and do whatever they need.”

General Hospital
GH/Ilene Kristen

She also mentioned that, when the clever writers at General Hospital come up with a good story, we might see Delia back in Port Charles. She thinks Delia always adds a lot of excitement, which has everyone wondering what might happen if she returns.

Getting to Know Delia’s Story on General Hospital

For those who might not know who Delia is, let’s take a closer look at her history at General Hospital. Delia, played by Ilene Kristen, first appeared on a different soap opera called Ryan’s Hope before joining the GH world. Over the years, a few different actresses played the character on GH. Delia’s time at General Hospital was packed with drama and excitement. She had a pretty complicated love life, including a rocky marriage. Viewers of GH were hooked by her passionate relationships and tricky schemes. Plus, her connection with another GH character named Ava Jerome added even more drama.

GH/Ilene Kristen

Delia made a few appearances on General Hospital in 2013 and 2015, which revealed her link to Ava Jerome and got fans thinking about what might come next. As GH fans eagerly wait for more news, one thing’s for sure—Port Charles might become a much more interesting place soon. Ilene Kristen’s hints and Delia’s history at GH set the stage for a super-exciting comeback. Are you excited about Delia’s return to General Hospital? Let us know what you think as we all eagerly wait to see what happens. For latest General Hospital updates, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers

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