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General Hospital

General Hospital: Sonny Announces An EXIT

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The dynamic world of General Hospital is becoming really volatile these days with unexpected attacks and ever popping mysteries! In these testing times, Sonny Corinthos has stepped up his game and will be soon making some “Emperor” moves that may change the whole damn game. In light of the rising threat against him, Sonny has decided to make a dramatic EXIT! But it might not be what you are thinking! So keep reading the article to find out what’s about to go down in the mystical town of Port Charles.

Sonny Corinthos Declares That He Is Done and Out!

Ever since Sonny got involved with the Pikeman Security Group, things have been going haywire all around him on General Hospital. It all started with the unexpected attack he narrowly escaped alongside Dex at his warehouse. But the danger is now increasing steadfastly. Sonny has now become of the opinion that to keep himself, his company, and his loved ones safe, he needs to part ways with Pikeman. Thus, in the upcoming episodes, Sonny will summon Valentin Cassadine for a chat.

General Hospital
GH/ Sonny tells Valentin that he is exiting the Pikeman deal

In the recent episodes of General Hospital, it has become quite clear that Valentin’s ties with Pikeman run deeper than he actually lets on. Moreover, that is a truth that Anna, Dante, and Sonny are quickly catching on to. Hence, during this chat, Sonny will demand Valentin to tell him everything that he knows about the group.

Furthermore, he will also express his displeasure at the way Pikeman functions. Interestingly, Sonny had had a problem with their way of working from the very beginning. But he went against his instincts and shook hands with them. However, he is about to fix that mistake now. In the upcoming episodes, he will tell Valentin that he is walking away from Pikeman.

Is This Just An Invitation For More Troubles On General Hospital?

After hearing out Sonny’s side of the story, Valentin will give him a fair warning on General Hospital. The dimpled don may have made up his mind to exit the deal, but Pikeman might not be willing to let him walk away. Valentin will tell him that there is no way out of this deal now, and that Sonny will have to see it through. However, Sonny will refuse to accept Valentin’s warning. He has been in the business far too long and far too deep to not trust himself to find a way out.

GH/ Valentin warns Sonny

Sonny has the mental bandwidth and the resources to take on Pikeman should the need arise on General Hospital. Moreover, we know that Sonny is fiercely protective of the people he loves. And thanks to Pikeman, they all could be in jeopardy. But is he really taking all possibilities into account? Valentin wouldn’t be so insistent without reason! Is there something he is not revealing? The spoilers tease that Sonny and Valentin will get into a heated argument over Pikeman. So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on their conversation.

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