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General Hospital Spoilers For July 31, 2023: Sonny Comes Up With A Plan

General Hospital spoilers for July 31, 2023, reveal there will be confrontations and decisions in the forthcoming episode. Gregory and Tracy will have dinner together, but Tracy will find something suspicious about him. Also, Lucy will confront Martin Grey at Pine Valley. Further, Sonny Corinthos will meet Anna regarding the Metro Court pool incident. Will they find out the shooter? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers for more insights on these storylines.

Drew Cain Gets Into A Fight

According to General Hospital spoilers, Drew Cain will defend someone in a fight at Pentonville. The spoilers say Drew will ask someone to get the hell away, which could lead him to defend Cyrus. There are chances for Drew to get stuck in this brawl, and these prison fights will gain everyone’s attention on the July 31, 2023 episode.

General Hospital
GH/ Drew Cain

General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Suspects Gregory

Speaking of dates, Gregory Chase will force Tracy to have dinner with him to settle their differences. Of course, Tracy will initially hesitate but will start to enjoy his company once they sit. They will have a good time, but things again go haywire when the waiter hands over the bill to Gregory. General Hospital spoilers suggest he will tremble while reaching out for his wallet. So, Tracy will notice his shaking hands and will immediately call Alexis to learn the reason.

GH/ Gregory and Tracy

Lucy Coe Will Confront Martin Grey

Lucy Coe and Felicia are spying on Martin Grey in Pine Valley. Now, General Hospital spoilers say that Lucy will inform Felicia that Martin has been receiving alimony money without telling her. As Martin received huge payments on the July 31, 2023, episode, he will feel lucky and will plan to party. But fate will have other plans for him. Lucy will confront him with all the news she learned. Also, she could stay quiet to see if Martin himself will reveal something still unknown. Do you think he will confess?

GH/ Lucy confronts Martin

Will Anna Find The Shooter?

As Anna Devane decided to use herself as the bait to find the Metro Court culprit, Sonny will meet her on Monday’s episode. He will ask if Anna is still on the same page. Anna will inform Sonny that she believes that she is the target. Hence, the General Hospital spoilers say she will stick to her plan.

GH/ Sonny meets Anna

The Metro Court pool incident had cost Curtis everything, so Sonny and everyone else do their part to find out the shooter. Per the General Hospital spoilers, Sonny will keep analyzing that it could be someone from the WSB. He will also mention Pikeman Security Group, which will increase Anna’s interest. Will these intuitions lead them to the shooter? We must wait and watch.

General Hospital Spoilers For July 31, 2023: Molly Talks To Herself

While Sonny and Anna are contemplating the issue, Alexis Davis will visit Molly at her apartment. On the July 31, 2023, episode, Alexis will notice that Molly is trying to talk within herself. After asking, Molly might admit that she’s reconsidering her decision about Kristina’s offer. General Hospital spoilers say that Molly will speak to her mom and is thinking of accepting Kristina as her surrogate. Accepting Kristina’s offer would give Molly and TJ a baby sooner than they anticipated, and they will have a happy family.

GH/ Molly Davis

Finally, at Michael’s office, Kristina will scold Michael for being rude to Nina Reeves. General Hospital spoilers say that Kristina could favor Sonny’s relationship with Nina. Of course, this is not why Kristina visited Michael. So, knowing the same, Michael will ask why Kristina is really there.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kristina will need his advice on the July 31, 2023 episode. It could be about the youth shelter permit or other related aspect. As they’re already in conversation, there are chances for Kristina to open up to Michael about her surrogacy offer to Molly. You can watch General Hospital on ABC from Monday to Friday to learn how Michael will react to it. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more GH updates.

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