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General Hospital: The Real Reason For Cyrus’ Makeover REVEALED

When makers brought back Cyrus Renault to General Hospital we knew something big is cooking in the pot! And thankfully, it seems we won’t have to wait for too long to get a taste of it! In fact, the inciting aroma of this tantalizing mystery has already started to fill the air. After beating around the bush, or rather bars at Pentonville, the real agenda behind Cyrus’s return and his on-the-spot makeover is about to spill out! And it is something no one saw coming! So keep reading to find out all the details!

Cyrus Gives Himself A Prison Makeover On General Hospital

In a surprising August 22, 2023, episode of General Hospital, Cyrus cut off his signature ponytail! Moreover, he also shaved off his beard in favor of a clean-shaven look! He literally looked like an all-new person! Perhaps he is trying to sell his story about turning a new leaf. Naah! We are not buying it! Cyrus is too cool and too ambitious for just preaching and no scheming! There is something else cooking in there, and we are about to find that out!

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GH/ Cyrus’ new look

While in a dramatic scene, it looked like Cyrus chopped off his mane himself with a prison shank, it really isn’t true! In a scene cut that was just a split second long did well to accommodate the time it took for the hairdresser to give Cyrus a whole new look! As posted by General Hospital’s official social media handle, actor Jeff Kober trusted the soap’s award-winning hair and makeup team to chop his locks! However, there is a fair chance that this transformation has very little to do with the ongoing storyline!


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Sure, Cyrus keeps talking about finding religion and being a different man, but it is highly unlikely he has adorned this new look to deliver a sermon. In fact, a little birdie is chirping that actor Jeff Kober may have a more personal reason for the makeover! The word is that the phenomenal performer has become a part of a new project and will also be simultaneously shooting for it. Thus, this new appearance could be part of the look that he created for the project.

This also brings us to another question! If Jeff becomes too occupied with the new project, what would be his future on General Hospital? Cyrus has been one of the most formidable and well-received on the ABC soap. Fans just love to hate him! Moreover, he is bang in the middle of this massive storyline, which has recently connected him with Austin and Mason. We know he has a long-time rivalry with Sonny Corinthos, which he intends to settle. Hence, we don’t think he is going anywhere until those scores are settled! That being said, this is General Hospital, and things can change in the blink of an eye! So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Cyrus’s future!

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