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General Hospital: This Veteran Character Is DYING

The roller coaster ride of General Hospital just switched up to a much higher and adrenaline pumping speed. For months, Ava has been against the wall, falling apart piece by piece under the pressure of Mason and his boss’ threats. The storyline had been crawling at snail pace with Ava dilly dallying and not really wanting to snitch on Sonny. However, the stakes got raised, when Mason dropped a much more menacing threat about Ava’s mother, Delia.

Sonny’s Promise To Protect Delia Gives An Eerie Warning

Furthermore, he took even more control in his hands by inserting his accomplice, Betty, in Ava’s life as Avery’s new nanny on General Hospital. This led to a heated confrontation between Ava and Betty, a one that Sonny overheard. Eventually, leading him to demand the real story from Ava. Unable to handle the stress, Ava confessed the truth to him. Finally, getting in her corner a formidable ally! Sonny assured Ava that he will take care of the matter moving forward. Moreover, he also promised her that he will make sure nothing happens to Delia.

GH/ Sonny promises to protect Delia

Uh-Oh! That promise alone was enough to get our spidey senses tingling! This story has been marinating for quite some time now, and with Sonny entering the mix, we know it will finally take center stage. Which also means something explosive will happen! And what’s more thrilling in a war-story than casualties? Which means at least one body is going to fall on each side. Now, TV Season & Spoilers previously touched base with how Mason’s clock is ticking under Sonny’s lethal gaze. Now, with a heavy heart, we must discuss the name that is most likely to take a hit on Sonny’s team.

Is This The End For Delia On General Hospital?

Actress Ilene Kristen crossed over from Ryan’s Hope to General Hospital as Ava’s mother, Delia, in October 2013. Although she has not been around much on the soap, but she has a legend in her own right! She played the iconic pot stirrer, Delia Ryan Coleridge, for decades on Ryan’s Hope. The last time we saw her in Port Charles was in 2015, and she wasn’t mentioned again until recently. And, we are convinced that this name-dropping wasn’t without reason or consequence.

General Hospital
GH/ Delia Ryan

As much as it pains to say this, but if Sonny takes out Mason to send a message to the boss lady on General Hospital. She will most definitely retaliate by gunning down someone on his side. And in most likelihood, it will be Delia. Because killing Sonny on the soap, well, let’s face it, is out of the question. Ava still has so much more t give to the plot, and we don’t think GH is about to hurt a kid on-screen in a gang war. So Delia, it is going to have to be! However, we really do hope Sonny manages to keep his promise and save Ava’s mother in the nick of time! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on the matter!


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