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‘Gold Rush’ New AI Voice Upsets Viewers, Threaten To Quit Watching

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Season 14 of Gold Rush is here, but fans are really upset about something this season. A new voice is narrating and it sounds like AI. They are not happy and want this voice to go away. Some viewers are even threatening to boycott the show if this doesn’t stop.

Season 14 Is Here

Season 14 of Gold Rush is here and is going strong. Rick Ness has returned to the Yukon. Tony Beets lost a family member in his quest for gold and Parker is going to risk it all. It is a wild season, but that AI voice has to go. It is constantly coming on and narrating the show.

Fans Upset Over New Narrator

Fans of Gold Rush went to Twitter tonight to share their thoughts on this new AI narrator and they are not happy at all. Here is what they had to say about it.

  • Can you please stop the annoying AI voice-over! And fire the person who made the decision to add it!
  • The AI voice is ridiculous; did anyone screen this or get anyone feedback from actual viewers. i am guessing, no. This is painful
  • What’s with the creepy female AI voice?
  • #GoldRush

    – the AI money saving narrator’s voice is unsettling and will definitely make me stop watching. There’s no grit in that. This is gold rush not Anime hello kitty. Quit it or I quit it

  • Why do you have some AI lady narrating everything happening… This is going to make me stop watching your show
  • Please stop!!!! I spent 20 minutes going through every TV and Roku setting thinking my TV was pushing the AI Gold Rush lady
  • Hey

    What are you doing with #GoldRush Why have that AI voice in the show? If you though that was a good idea? THINK AGAIN It’s HORRIBLE Put it back to normal

  • I am done. No more gold rush until they shut down the AI narration. See Ya!
  • This female AI narrator sucks. “The pilot closes the door and takes flight”. WTH is this?

It does sound like Gold Rush is going to lose a lot of viewers if they don’t change this and soon. So far, they haven’t said anything about plans to get rid of the AI narration.


Are you going to quit watching Gold Rush Season 14 if they don’t get rid of the new AI voice? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Gold Rush on Fridays on Discovery.

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