Keanu DEAD On EastEnders

September is already on the decline and we are inching closer to Christmas! Which means EastEnders big murder mystery storyline is only a few weeks away. With every passing episode, more clues as well as, many more possible victims are emerging on the BBC One soap. Today, we are discussing the possibility of Keanu Taylor being the one to die in the most await storyline of the year! So let’s dig in!

The FlashForward scene shows “The Six” towering over a dead body at The Vic on EastEnders. Although the face of the victim is not revealed, the body appears to be that of a male character. Initially, most people speculated that either Nish, or Theo will end up being the victim. However, now many new possibilities have emerged. Previously, we discussed why we think Ravi has risen up in ranks as the probable victim. Now, here is why we think it could be Keanu!

Keanu And The Many Enemies He Is Accumulating

There is no worse enemy than a jilted lover! And for Keanu that would be Sharon Watts on EastEnders. The two were eagerly looking forward to tying the knot this year. However, it all went for a toss when Lisa Fowler returned to Walford with his daughter Peggy. Sharon went behind Keanu’s back to help Lisa in escaping Walford with Peggy. Thus, ultimately stealing Keanu’s chance of keeping his daughter in his life. This certainly didn’t go down well with him and he broke up with Sharon.

EE/ Sharon and Keanu at odds

However, both of them agreed to remain co-parents to their son Albie on EastEnders. But recently, something about that has changed. Instigated by Phil, Sharin is actually willing to cut Keanu out of her and Albie’s life entirely. This move could set the base for a massive showdown between Keanu an her. Hence, we could actually be looking at Sharon claiming Keanu’s life around Christmas! Interestingly, Sharon too, is among “The Six” in the FlashForward and has blood on her.

Could the Killer Be A Man On EastEnders?

Although, just because the teaser only shows the six women, does not mean the murderer has to be one of them. They might just end up being the ones who discover the dead body on EastEnders. This opens up the possibility of the killer being a man! And guess which male character recently threatened Keanu’s life? Phil Mitchell! In one of the recent episodes of EastEnders, Phil cheated on Kat by sleeping with Emma. Keanu found out the truth and threatened to tell Kat. However, Phil retorted back by telling him that if he ever tells anyone, he will kill him.

EE/ Will Phil act upon his threat?

And we know this is not a secret that will stay hidden forever on EastEnders. Kat ultimately will find out that Phil cheated on her. And when that happens, Phil might think Keanu is responsible. Thus, giving him a plausible reason to take his life! That being said, Keanu’s list of enemies does not end here! Earlier this year, Ravi Gulati threatened him too! After Keanu found out about Ravi’s less than legal activities, Nish’s dangerous son threatened him with dire consequences if he ever spoke a word about it! So there is also a possibility of that story being revisited!

EE/ Could Ravi end up killing Keanu?

What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Keanu’s ultimate fate !

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