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Mystery Doctor Who Villain “The Boss” May Not Be The Character You Think

In Doctor Who's first 60th-anniversary episode, the Meep's revealed that he has a boss, but the identity of the mysterious creature remains a mystery.

Warning! Spoilers for Doctor Who’s first 60th-anniversary special, “The Star Beast,” are ahead.

“The Star Beast,” Doctor Who‘s first 60th-anniversary episode, brought the Meep to the screen and had the Doctor defeat him, but before the villain was escorted to serve their sentence, the creature gave a cryptic warning about “the Boss.” Even though the Meep proved to be a worthy opponent, who knew how to use their deceptively cute features to their advantage, the Doctor and Donna managed to stop the Meep’s evil plan. In Doctor Who‘s first 60th-anniversary episode ending, the alient was sent to prison, Donna and Rose released their Time Lord essence, and the Doctor decided to take Donna on one last adventure.

The identity of the creature behind the Meep’s attack remains one of the biggest questions after Doctor Who‘s first 60th-anniversary special, and it may not be the character everyone expects just because he is making a grand comeback to the show after a decades-long absence. The Celestial Toymaker, played by Neil Patrick Harris, may seem like the obvious choice for the role since he is set to be the main villain of the final special, “The Giggle,” but he is hardly the only one who wants to take revenge on the Doctor. There have been quite a few powerful beings over the course of the series’ run.

The Toymaker May Not Be The Meep’s “Boss” In Doctor Who

Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker Looking Serious in Doctor Who's 60th anniversary specials

The most anticipated villain of the 60th-anniversary specials is undoubtedly the Celestial Toymaker, who last appeared in Doctor Who season 3, serial 7, “The Celestial Toymaker,” in 1966. When the Meep mentions that “the boss” would love to know about such a rare occurrence as “a creature with two hearts,” the Toymaker is who immediately comes to mind. However, he may not end up being the Meep’s boss after all. It is likely that the Toymaker and whoever is in charge of the Meep are two separate villains who are either working together or following their own agenda, unbeknownst to each other.

Making the Toymaker the entity behind the Meep’s dangerous endeavors would be too predictable a move on Doctor Who‘s part, and it would completely ruin all the suspense building during the next two episodes. Besides, judging from the Toymaker’s last story, he isn’t exactly the type of villain who would recruit other aliens, like the Meep, to do his bidding. The Toymaker is notorious for orchestrating his own perverted games and taking pleasure in being the grand puppeteer himself, especially if it involves tricking the Doctor, who has beaten him regardless of his clever scheming in “The Celestial Toymaker.”

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Why The Meep’s Doctor Who Boss Could Be The Master

The Master in Doctor Who Looking Innocent

Unlike the Toymaker, both the Master and Missy love using other species to their own advantage whenever possible since this Time Lord doesn’t really like getting their hands dirty. The Meep’s boss could turn out to be the Master, either in one of their old incarnations, or in a completely new one. Plus, in the opening scene of Doctor Who‘s “The Star Beast,” one of Donna’s lines may suggest that the Master might be involved in the current affair. When she is rambling about the person who’s messed up stacking her boxes, she describes him as “a man with a goatee” that shouldn’t be trusted.

The Master has been known to wear a goatee, and they do fit the description of someone not to be trusted. Missy has once taken it upon herself to interfere with the Doctor’s companion, and Clara might not have been the only one. In addition, ever since Jinkx Monsoon has been cast in Doctor Who season 14 as a major villain, they have become a primary candidate for the next incarnation of the Master. The star could end up appearing in the show earlier than expected, or the Meep’s boss could be unveiled in the upcoming season with Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor.

Which Other Doctor Who Characters The Meep’s “Boss” Clue Might Be Referring To

The Master and the Toymaker aren’t the only candidates for the role of the Meep’s boss. The creature’s clue about the boss’ certain interest in the two-hearted species may mean that the villain is a Time-Lord, looking for other Gallifreyans. Since Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary is meant to celebrate the show’s entire history, it may bring back another classic enemy of the Doctor. It could easily be the Monk or the War Chief, both of whom are Time Lords, reminiscent of the Master personality-wise, and they have been absent from the series since the Classic Who. The Rani, another renegade Time Lord with questionable morals, is a decent candidate as well.

The Meep’s boss is potentially a very powerful being if they are the ones responsible for manipulating the Doctor’s TARDIS and making the Time Lord regenerate into his old self. That is why Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary may mark the return of the mythical Eternals. The Eternals are immortal beings who possess great power to shape reality in any way they want, and someone like Zellin or Rakaya from season 12, episode 7, “Can You Hear Me?” would have the motive to take revenge on the Doctor. Of course, the Meep’s boss could quite literally be the BOSS, the unhinged AI from season 10, serial 5, “The Green Death.”

Why The Meep’s “Boss” Is Probably Still The Toymaker

Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker Talking with His Hands Up in Doctor Who's 60th-Anniversary Specials

While there are many exciting theories regarding the identity of the Meep’s boss, the Toymaker remains the most likely candidate. He may not typically be the one to use other aliens in his schemes, but he may not have needed to. The Meep may have been the Toymaker’s own creation that he brought to life in an effort to take down the Doctor or at least get a sense of the Time Lord’s current abilities in his new incarnation. The Toymaker’s powers know no bounds, and he has made his toys alive in the past. This scenario would also explain why the Doctor hasn’t immediately recognized the Meep as a species in Doctor Who‘s first anniversary special.

Doctor Who‘s “The Star Beast” has been a wild ride, full of nostalgia and new beginnings. The Meep’s boss may not have been uncovered yet, but the episode has unveiled a few other mysteries. For instance, Doctor Who showcased the sonic screwdriver’s new powers that will likely come in handy in the upcoming episodes. The Meet has proven to be an entertaining villain, and whoever the creature’s boss might be, they will be no less amusing than the alien they have recruited. After all, the boss may be revealed as soon as Doctor Who‘s second 60th-anniversary episode rolls around.

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