‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Have Major Complaint About Graeson Bee


OutDaughtered fans have significant complaints about the family clothing line, Graeson Bee. This has become a passion project for the Busbys. Read on for more details on what some people have been experiencing.

OutDaughtered Fans Have Major Complaint About Graeson Bee

Graeson Bee was the online lovechild of Danielle Busby and Adam Busby. There, they had items for the whole family. Yet, it eventually seemed like it was time to expand to an actual storefront. In June 2022, they held their grand opening and the family has been moving forward ever since. With OutDaughtered having finally returned to TLC, there is no doubt that fans are even more interested in checking out the merchandise.


Reddit thread was started to discuss the problems with Graeson Bee, especially their policies. The OP shared that they went to the website and what bothered them was that they do not allow returns. This further bugged them now that they have an actual storefront. Plus, the item that they purchased was $44 not including taxes and shipping costs. “The reason why I bought clothes from them is because they have more inclusive designs as far as it being an adult buying kids clothing. I am only 4 foot tall so that’s why I have to buy kids clothing,” they concluded.



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So, did other people have similar issues? One Redditor shared that the store was nothing exciting while another added that they would never buy from Graeson Bee. Their reasoning was that they do not understand why “famous” people feel the need to jack up prices because of who they are. Someone chimed in that they could not believe they did not allow returns and had never heard of something like that.

Is It Worth It?

The Redditors did not make shopping at Graeson Bee seem like the most appealing experience. Yet, on Facebook, they have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. They said that it was a really cute store that smelled nice and had great merchandise. Plus, it is great for those who are fans of the show. So, it really depends on what the expectations are from the product and what someone is willing to spend. At the end of the day, if the no-return policy is not something that works for a consumer, then they should probably go elsewhere. Other than that, the Busbys seem to be doing quite well.

Their website does mention a return policy, but it is only for store credit you can’t get your actual money back.

Have you ordered or considered ordering from Graeson Bee? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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