Why Do ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Roast Adam & Danielle Busby?

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OutDaughtered fans waited impatiently for Season 9 of the TLC show but it became a long wait as the show went on hiatus, and now it returned, many people spend their time roasting Adam and Danielle Busby. Previously, most viewers agreed that they were mostly popular. So why are so many people slamming them in 2023?

OutDaughtered Returned To A Lot Of Criticism Of Adam & Danielle Busby

TLC fans waited a long time for Adam and his wife to explain that they decided to take a hiatus. Most people understood that the family could spend some time without the camera in their faces and production in the garage every day. However, the delays about what was happening with the show started upsetting people. Perhaps, if they had spoken up sooner rather than later, people wouldn’t have been so irritated. At the time, they used the limits of “COVID” to explain that they’d been scratching for content

Unfortunately, when the news arrived that Season 9 of OutDaughtered would soon premiere, Adam and Danielle admitted that they hadn’t been sure they would return. And that directly contradicted their assurance that they would be back after a year off. So, people accused them of telling lies. Then, when viewers heard they’d renegotiated and played a bigger role in producing the show, critics thought they just wanted to exploit their six daughters for more money. So, that accounts for some of the hate.

OutDaughtered Downsized And Picked Up Critics

Adam and Danielle Busby do not need as much help with the kids as they did when the quints were small. Nowadays, the quints, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker are already eight years old. So, some fans felt disappointed that they wouldn’t see as many cameos of Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki. Notably, TLC fans admire them because of Dale Mills’ sense of humor. And then, there was Daneille’s mom, who left the show after a DUI incident. In fact, she’s been missing in action for so long that some fans feared that she passed away.

It was Danielle’s mom that sparked a conversation about why OutDaughtered fans hate Adam and Danielle Busby so much. Someone who stayed off Reddit for a while, returned and was shocked by all the hating that goes on. In part, u/Rivsmama wondered what happened with Danielle’s mom. But then they asked, “Why do yall watch the show if you clearly hate it/them?”

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Actually, the poster couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with the couple who raise a busload of kids.

Social Media Encourages Snarky Comments?

OutDaughtered fans in the community, which can be very toxic at times, discussed the reasons why people say terrible things. One of them noted, “It’s reddit. Somehow every page turns into a snark.” 

Agreeing with that another commenter said:

I feel the same way but that seems to be the trend with Reddit anyways. The majority of people on here see the worst in everybody. Every man is controlling and abusive, every person needs therapy, every mom sucks at parenting, every marriage needs counseling or divorce. I find that the more time I spend on Reddit the more bitter I am in general because the negativity really starts affecting me.”

Negativity can affect mental health, so perhaps it only takes one or two negative posts to result in a tidal wave of trolling.

So, do you sometimes wonder why it seems trendy to roast reality TV stars on social media? Do you agree that Danielle and Adam Busby probably have a lot on their plate with all those girls? Are they actually as hateful as people make out? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about TLC’s OutDaughtered.

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