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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Says Someone Is Trying To Sabotage Him

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is trying to achieve one of his dreams right now. However, the reality TV star said that there is someone who is trying to sabotage his chances of winning.

Here is what Bear is doing and what he said someone is trying to do to hurt his chances of succeeding.

Bear Brown ranked first in cosplay competition

Bear Brown has a love for a lot of things. He has combined at least two things into one right now. Bear loves comic book characters, with a huge love for Batman villain, The Joker. He also loves filmmaking and took his ideas to the realm of cosplay competition.

Bear has created a short film before of him dressed as Joker. Now, he is trying to win a competition that is all about fan voting to determine the winner. On top of Bear possibly winning the grand prize, there is also a charity aspect to this competition, with money going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

ABP Bear Brown - IG

Last week, Bear was trying to get to the next round and even his sister Rain Brown helped spread the word for Alaskan Bush People fans to vote for her brother. The good news is that he made it past that round in first place and moved on. He is now competing for the finalists.

The bad news is that there are people who hate Bear Brown and Alaskan Bush People who want to sabotage his chances of winning the cosplay competition.

Someone is trying to sabotage Bear’s chances at winning

Bear posted a photo of himself on Instagram and let fans know about the people who are trying to sabotage his chances at winning this cosplay competition. He said there is a “group of haters” on Facebook who hate his entire family. They have started sharing the link to vote for Bear’s opposition, asking people to vote for the other person so Bear will lose.

Bear Brown IG

“Which technically isn’t how the competition is supposed to be, you’re supposed to vote for who you want to win, not so one specific person loses,” Bear wrote. He went on to say that it was “flattering.” There are three days left until the end of this round and he is still in first place. This is despite Alaskan Bush People haters trying to sabotage his chances.

Anyone who wants to vote for Bear Brown – or against him – can do it on the official cosplay competition’s website at This round ends on Thursday, April 13, in which case the Group Finalists will be named.

What are your thoughts about people actively trying to sabotage Bear Brown’s attempts at winning the cosplay competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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