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Days of Our Lives: Greg Vaughan Reveals The Reason For His Temporary LeaveDays of Our Lives: Greg Vaughan Reveals The Reason For His Temporary Leave

Days of Our Lives

It came as a surprise when Days of Our Lives star Gerg Vaughan, who plays Eric Brady on the show, broke the news that he is temporarily taking a break. The actor who has been playing Eric since 2012 recently revealed the reason behind this unexpected move. Fans wonder what could be the reason behind his sudden departure and who will step in to fill his shoes. So let’s delve in and see what Gerg has to say about his unexpected exit!

Eric Gets A Temporary Face-Lift!

In the recent tweet, Gerg Vaughan disclose the real culprit responsible for his temporary recast! He revealed that he had tested positive for COVID, which forced the show’s producers to make a quick decision. Thankfully they had an ace up their sleeve in Jason Gerhardt, to step into the role of Eric for four to five episode. For the long time viewers, Gerg and Jason brought back found memories if their days together on ABC’s General Hospital.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Eric

Jason Gerhardt played Cooper Barrett form 2007 to 2008. While Gerg Vaughan had a memorable run as Lucy Spencer from 2003 to 2009. Their chemistry on GH has added an extra layer of excitement to this temporary recasting on Days of Our Lives. But here’s the twist that will surely excite fans even more. Reports says that this temporary recast happened over three months ago. So it means DOOL is masterful in it’s time management. So it has already film episodes well in advance. In fact, this unforeseen casting change occurred back in December, just before the holiday break.

Days Of Our Lives: Jason Gerhardt Steps In Eric’s Shoes

Now, those worried about Vaughan’s health can breathe a sigh of relief. The actor has since fully recovered and is set to reclaim his rightful role as Eric Brady, picking up where he left off in the show’s gripping storyline. Speaking of storylines, Days of Our Lives promises to bring juicy twists and turns, including unexpected pregnancies and dramatic DNA test results. Although everyone to excited for the return of Jason, they can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for Eric.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Greg Vaughan & Jason Gerhardt

Will he find happiness and resolve his dilemmas? Or will new challenges arise to test the strength of his character? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Also do you know what’s the moral of the story here? In the world of soap operas, anything can happen! A temporary recast can add an element of surprise, and life beyond the screen often mirrors the drama unfolding on it. But fear not, as the show’s creative team will deliver unforgettable moments, keeping fans hooked on every episode. So stay tuned to Days Of Our Lives and see what new Eric will bring for us! In the meantime, TV Season & Spoilers will keep passing on all the DOOL updates.

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