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Doctor Who “The Giggle” Trailer: Toymaker Is Back & Regeneration Between Tennant & Gatwa Teased In Final Episode

The trailer for "The Giggle" reveals the Toymaker's return and a tease at David Tennant to Ncuti Gatwa's regeneration for the last Doctor Who episode.

The trailer for the Doctor Who special “The Giggle” is finally here. After two specials devoted to celebrating the show’s 60th Anniversary, “The Giggle” will be the third and final special. It will also mark the moment that David Tennant passes on the Doctor Who torch to the newest Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, as he prepares for his breakout episodes in season 14. The special is set to air on December 9.

Before Gatwa can pave the way for Doctor Who season 14, however, the BBC has released footage from the upcoming special. Check out the full trailer below:

Featuring Neil Patrick Harris’ Toymaker, the trailer reveals that the villain is ready to face off against the Doctor one last time. The trailer also features footage of the Fourteenth Doctor regenerating, before a quick glimpse of Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor is unveiled. Donna Noble appears in the trailer, but only sparingly.

What Does Doctor Who’s “The Giggle” Trailer Reveal?

Doctor Who 60th-Anniversary Neil Patrick Harris Miram Margolyes David Tennant and Catherine Tate as The Toymaker Beep The Meep The Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble

The trailer reveals some of the machinations of the Toymaker, a new introduction to the modern era of Doctor Who. A villainous entity from a planet of aliens like him, the Celestial Toymaker first appeared during William Hartnell’s run as the First Doctor and reappeared semi-regularly in the classic series. He is a trickster and a near-omnipotent figure with powers far beyond those that the Doctor normally trifles with. He also has nefarious intentions for humanity.

“The Giggle” will air on December 9 on the BBC and internationally on Disney+.

In “The Giggle,” the Doctor will be facing off against a villain with no regard for those he considers below him. With the Toymaker developing a puppet that is devastating the lives of local human beings, the Doctor has no choice but to try to stop an unstoppable villain. The Toymaker’s presence means that the stakes are high, but the looming regeneration into Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor spells a dark destiny for the Doctor. The fact that the Toymaker cuts the puppet’s strings in the trailer is even more ominous.

The Toymaker has likely been engineering the chaos shown throughout the 60th Anniversary specials. With the lives of Donna Noble and her family on the line, the Doctor will need to do everything he can to stop the Toymaker and save humanity, even at the cost of his own life. With the Doctor regenerating at the end of the trailer, it seems that will be the cost. As the trailer shows, Doctor Who‘s “The Giggle” will be an episode filled with chaos and tragedy.

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