EastEnders fans insist they know who dies at Christmas after spotting ‘huge clues’

EASTENDERS fans have insisted that they know who dies at Christmas after spotting ‘huge clues’.

Earlier this year an episode aired where someone was found dead on the floor of the Queen Vic – and viewers are desperate to know who it is.

Could it be Jack who is murdered on Christmas Day?

Could it be Jack who is murdered on Christmas Day?Credit: BBC

EastEnders lovers don’t have long to wait as the identity of the deceased will become known during the Christmas period.

One fan has taken to Twitter to share who they think it may be – Jack Branning.

They tweeted after Tuesday night’s episode: “#EastEnders today, stacey refers to jack as her “knight in shining armour” for protecting her against theo. now going back to the flashforward episode, we notice that stacey appears to be standing in front of the knight statue. possible foreshadowing?”

The account account continued: “#EastEnders i know people are probably thinking why would jack be a potential victim when he hasn’t done anything but, recently theories have been circulating about jack and stacey having an affair.

“Perhaps they do and it comes out on christmas day, leading to denise killing him in a jealous rage.

“For anyone who saw my denise thread, you will know that it is clear her six colour is “green with envy” so alongside the ravi situation, she could also be envious of jack’s affair with stacey. stacey also has blood on her hands.”

They added: “#EastEnders onto the next point, the christmas day victim is seen wearing amber cufflinks. at rocky’s stag do, nish gives rocky the pair which he then passes onto jack, adding to my theory of him possibly being the body.”

It comes after another pointed out that it could be Phil Mitchell after a vital clue was spotted.

Last night’s instalment showed Jack chatting away to Phil while the hubby-to-be prepared for his wedding.

However Phil soon realised that he didn’t have any cufflinks – and Jck offered up his.

He warned: “Take care of these, they’re Nish’s, so they’re probably expensive.”

Phil thanked him, admitting: “Lost mine, in a ruck I think!”

A previously aired flash-forward scene showed Sharon Watts discovering the Christmas murder victim, whose face was not visible in the clip.

The only clue that hinted at who would be killed was a pair of cufflinks Sharon found on the body.


Source: https://www.foxnews.com/
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