EastEnders: Jay Brown Has A New Woman In His Life

Lola Pearce’s passing was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking EastEnders story that we have seen in a while. The aftermath of her demise has left the Walford residents, as well as, the viewers devastated. However, the most affected by it still seem to be Jay and Lexi. The two are still struggling to come to terms with Lola’s passing. As well as, to adapting with her absence as their new reality. We recently saw Jay and Lexi falling to bits when it was time for them to face their first milestone without her.

Even though Jay managed to cheer up Lexi and got her excited about starting secondary school, he couldn’t do the same for himself on EastEnders. Now, in a dramatic new storyline, Jay Brown will encounter a new woman, who may go on to play a part in his life. According to the latest spoilers, Jay will step out for a walk when sleep evades him. During his escapade he will cross path with a woman named Nadine. As soon as Jay’s eyes fall upon her, he realizes the striking resemblance she shares with Lola.

EE/ Jay meets Nadine

Perhaps, intrigued and motivated by the same, he will strike up a conversation with Nadine, played by Jazzy Phoenix. The two will quickly warm up to each other on EastEnders. So much so, that Nadine will invte Jay back to her apartment with her, and try to seduce him. However, a little confused, taken aback and awkward Jay will dismiss her advances and leave. The next day, when they cross path at the square, expect Jay to make an apology to Nadine for running out on her the way he did.

Even though, he will still be dismissing of Nadine’s advances, he will also continue to remain intrigued by her on EastEnders. This may mark an all new chapter in Jay’s life henceforth. Previously, Chris Clenshaw, had told the media that Lola’s passing will change her family forever. Nothing and no one will remain the same. Including, Jay, Lexi, Billy and Honey. The show-runner had stated that immediately after the loss, Billy, Jay and Honey will huddle together and support each other. However, that will not last forever. “Jay will find friendship with another key person.” Chris had teased.

EE/ Will Jay let Nadine into his life?

What do you think will be the ultimate future of Jay and Nadine on the soap? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on what Jay Brown does next.

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