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General Hospital: A New Threat Rises In Nina’s Love Life As Sonny and Ava Team Up

When it comes to the residents of Port Charles on General Hospital, dynamics are forever shifting between them. Friends yesterday, enemies today, only turn lovers tomorrow. You just never know what’s going to happen next! Sticking to the unpredictable theme, Sonny and Nina’s relationship is hanging by a thread on GH. While, for the longest time viewers felt that the blade that finally cuts it would be Carly. But what if it actually turn out to be Ava? That would sting Nina so much more! But what could twist the tale in that direction? Keep reading to find out!

Ava Teams Up With Sonny To Fight Mason

Ever since Ava bashed Nik’s head in a fit of rage, she has been squirming under Mason’s thumb on General Hospital. As difficult as it was for her to take orders, she was still doing her bets to comply. However, things got out of hand when Mason posed a threat to Ava’s daughter, Avery, and them had Austin drop a hint about her mom through Ryan’s bar. Later, a face-off with Mason’s accomplice and new nanny, Betty, proved to be the last nail in the coffin.

General Hospital
GH/ Ava confesses to Sonny

When Sonny asked Ava about what was going on, she cracked under the pressure and confessed everything to him on General Hospital. Starting from what happened with Nik to what Mason has been trying to make her do. As expected, Sonny was livid with the update and told Ava that he would take care of it all. Of course, he wasn’t going to take a threat against his daughter, Avery, lightly. Thus, we can expect to see Sonny and Ava raise a team to fight against Mason and his mystery boss in the upcoming episode. Considering that Austin was partly responsible for making Ava compliant, he, too, may face some of Sonny’s wrath. It may even cause him to steer clear of Ava. Well, at least for the time.

Sparks Fly Between Sonny and Ava on General Hospital, Nina Faces Heartbreak

But alienating Austin from Ava is not the only thing that Sonny’s alliance with her would cause on General Hospital. For starters, it seems like Ava has forgotten her true strength. Off-late, she seems like nothing more than a shadow of her old self. Sonny’s support might revive the old fierce Ava, who could stand up against anything and anyone! Sonny, too, needs to level up to his own potential. This threat against his family was probably the wake-up call he needed. Thus, together this adversity might bring back the old spark of Sonny and Ava, which fans love and crave for the characters.

But again, that’s not all! Sonny’s relationship with Nina is really suffering on General Hospital. Mostly because of the massive secret that she is keeping from him. Nina is constantly living under the fear of her secret coming to light and destroying her relationship with Sonny. But what she isn’t realizing is that under this duress, she is slowly but steadily distancing herself from Sonny. Under those circumstances, if Sonny starts to spend more time working out theories and chasing gangsters with Ava. Sparks might just start flying between them! For all we know, in some intense moment, the two might find themselves leaning into each other with emotions and adrenaline running high!

General Hospital
GH/ Nina feels betrayed by Sonny and Ava

Do you think Nina would be able to handle this knife in her back by her own best friend? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.


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